Sunday, June 28, 2009

Wuhan To Ohio Summer Program Board

As we are just weeks from the arrival of our guests from China, it is time to start building bridges for the arrival of our friends.  The board for the WTOSP program met in Arps Hall on Ohio State's campus to discuss the best teaching and event strategies for the summer program.  All of the members of the board are very excited for the arrival of our 36 guests from our sister university in Wuhan, China! 

Left to right in the photo are Bill Holschuh, myself (Mike Lohre), Charles Hancock, Susy Sarwick, and Minru Li.

One of the first purposes of the blog will be to greet and introduce each other, so I will start inviting all the board members, assistants, teachers, and students to the blog.  I will ask each person to tell a few things about himself/herself and the role they will play in the summer program.  

It is very exciting to start our friendship even before we all meet in person.  To those of you in China, we are so happy that you are able to come this summer, and we promise to all do our best to make your experience here a wonderful one!

Above, you will notice I added single pictures  of WTOSP Board members Galal Walker (on business in California) and pictured at top, and Bob Eckhart, pictured below Galal (he is currently on a biking tour in Europe!) as these two members  were unable to attend our meeting last week, but are active members of our board and have contributed much to the summer program. 

All of the board members are integral parts of the Wuhan To Ohio Summer Program, and look forward to making the relationship between our two universities better and better as we work together for a bright future.

All best,

Mike Lohre
Program Manager

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