Friday, August 7, 2009


I knew you'd be able to figure something out, so I came back around to check how long it would take. Not long at all, it turns out.
It's been great getting e-mail from all of you since I was forced to leave on that sad day in Princeton. I've been teaching the new class here--it's going well-- and I bought a house. I move into the new house in late September, so that's an exciting new development. Also exciting and new is that Alyssa Francis will be moving here at the end of the month. I think that driving the van for you all was practice for me to drive a moving van for her. I am very lucky to have her to help me with the house--she has excellent taste. The last exciting development is that she and I will go to Spain for a little vacation between her moving here and the new house. Things will be very busy.

Big Mike left for Minnesota yesterday and he'll be in Australia by next Tuesday. We had dinner over at Mrs. Eckhart's house the night before he left--you all met her at the Rock-n-Roll lunch. She made us spicy Chinese cabbage and it made us think of you. We talked for a while about how much fun your visit had been and all the things we learned from our time with you. I think it's safe to say on Mike's behalf, and my own, that we're very grateful to know you all.

I look forward to reading about your further adventures in and out of China. I've noticed that the weather in Wuhan hasn't been very hot--the cool Ohio summer followed you home. Take care and keep in touch.

Monday, August 3, 2009

blog again~!

finally we find a way to log in to all the website that blocked by Chinese government.writting in this blog can remind me of those happy hours in US,and those people who i loved so much in US.Let's keep in touch,and never stop posting on this blog.


As our chairman Mao said, no difficulty is difficult facing the determination of people.Finally we successfully run away from our government's traffic analysis and open this blog again, marvelous! , ahahahaha~~~It feels like all the joyful days haven't elapsed. How I want to have a re-Jul!

Sunday, August 2, 2009


Finally found a way to open the blog in China . It feels soooooooooooooooooo good . All wonderful memories flash back , though they never fade away ~ Missing you !

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

To send my wish and thankfulness from Morrison Tower-----Jennifer(Yin Ran)

Several days have passed, I met new people in Morrison Tower, experienced many new things at OSU, yet I still miss the days with you all in OSU. When I saw the words everyone said in this blog, I do have the impulse to write something down for all of you. Every exciting and moving footage you created in OSU formed a wonderful film, which always gets into my head when I was alone, which makes me do not feel lonely. I miss the delicious food in Hans family, I miss the special rock and roll, I miss the moving scene at farewell party, and I missed the smiles and tears the members of my group had given to me when they were going to leave. Also I want to express my thankfulness. Thank you Mike, for that you have to arrange my housing when you have too many things to deal with; thank you Rick, for that you praised my initiative and your support. And thank you my lovely teachers, Lily, Ms. Zhang Fang and Dr. Fang Ming, for the special concerns you've given to me. Thank you Hans, Pete, Susie, Pro. Li....everyone who helped me. I also want to give my special wishes to Grace, Sylvia, Tanya, Shirley and Elijah, the days with you guys will always kept in my heart. And also Robert and Leo, see you next semester. Finally, my best wishes to all of the members of Ohio group, wishing you happy all the time.

Time to say goodbye

Time just flies and humans just keep on moving,as people always say.Several days have passed since the last time I wrote the blog because I haven't got a notebook with myself in this trip .Yet I am always paying attention to everyday's new text.No doubt,there is no need to describe all the exciting stuffs we have.Every thing just happened under the sun of this summer ,somebody laughed,somebody cried;somebody left ,somebody attended.Whatever ,the trip really made this summer to be one of my best holidays during my lifelong time, I just want to say "thank you" to all of you guys 'cause you gave me such a fantastic summer,it's so nice that all the joyful days are even beyond my imagation!
I can hardly believe that I gonna say goodbye to this magic land of American ,to all the lovely people I've met .It's kind of complex feelings...I remeber all the
beautiful days we have.All the joy and fun just seem to be happened in yesterday, while I still feel we have already spent two months together. 24hours and 7days, this July is full of remarkable day and nights. The time we have to say goodbye is
getting closer by every seconds and I am staying up to write down these emotions .I wish we won't have to face that sadly moment when everybody start to sing a song of memory.

Monday, July 27, 2009

It is hard to say goodbye

Time flies.Cooking out in OSU happened almost twenty days ago but feels like yesterday.Tomorrow we are going to be on a plane to China!I am sure none of us wants to go back.Althougt twenty one days are not a long time,we founded a great friendship with all the teachers who took care of us in US.The last week we spent in DC and NYC,those are amazing cities but I cannot stop thinking about Columbus and OSU.I am already start missing it!Compare to NYC and DC,Columbus is different .I felt comfortable and relaxing while I was there but in the other two cities I felt tense and pressure easily.I thougt I would love NYC more and anything cities but clearly I was wrong.I love Columbus more than any other cities,espeacially the people there.Mike,Rick,Pete,Hans,Suzie...Thank you for taking such good care of us.Because of you guys we had a wonderful trip.I love you guys sooooo much!!Mike,I will always remember your charming voice and great music.Rick,I will always remember your funny jokes.Suzie ,I can never forget your warm smile.Hans,you were a wonderful and cute friend!
It is really hard to say goodbye to all these happy experiences.I wish I have superpower that can freeze the time,then we would never need to say good bye to each other!I am reaaly looking forward to see you again next summer Mike,Pete,Rick,Hans.Once again,I love you guys and will always miss you people!

The New York City

It’s hard to fall in love with a city like New York City. Standing between those tall skyscrapers covered with metal, it’s kind of nervous. People in NYC are always in a hurry. It’s really repressive when you walk along the crowded street. In Columbus, things are different. You won’t see a lot of people except for some important holidays or games. The city seems like always quiet, leisurely and carefree. The shops close earlier, people seems friendlier because when you are in trouble they will stop and try to help. New York is different, people are busy doing their own business, and sometimes can hardly notice what you are doing.
But it is also hard to hate a city like New York City. Watching a Broadway show is amazing, seeing the great night scenes is fantastic. New York is such a prosperous city that you can see almost every modern thing happen in this city. I can easily imagine the excitement when the immigrants see the Statue of Liberty. It’s a country of fairness and justice.

Thinking of You

Hello, friends! I just wanted to thank you for letting me tag along to Philadelphia last weekend...and for coming to visit Princeton. You were all so much fun to hang out with! After you left to go to New York, Pete and I talked and talked about what wonderful people you were. Your spirit and humor and cleverness made me feel young again! I'm looking forward to reading your blog posts about the rest of your trip, and I hope I can see many of you again next summer in Wuhan.

P.S. Good luck to all of you who are studying for the TOEFL, TOEIC, or GRE. I'm rooting for you!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

A happy day in Washington D.C.-----margret

I'm sorry that my blog comes late ,I felt a litte tired these days , so I'll write this today.
Yesterday we had a busy but wonderful day in Washington D.C .We went to a lot of famous places. I 'm very excited .In the morning ,our group went to the American history museum ,I think it's pretty interesting ,especially the First Ladies Room. It shows the beautiful clothes of all the american first ladies. Some of them are very funny ,and some of them are very elegant.Some of the first ladies are very generous ,they selled their dresses to make money for the poverty.Our leader is Pete,he is very knowledgeable and he explained a lot to us ,that's great !
Another place impressed me a lot is the Vietnam War Monument . I think it’s very meaningful ,it writes all the names that sacrificed in the Vietnam war,it goes down and down until you can only see the monument , all in you eyes are the names on the wall , I felt deeply sad during the visit, many people are here searching for their family members ,and some copy the name of their relatives .The war is so cruel, no matter who wins ,a lot of people will lose their life and a lot of families will be separated.There are also some letters put there ,some are from children ,they wrote to their grandpa ,wrote to the war ,it’s heartbroken when I saw them . The war has ended for many years ,but the sorrow it left to thousands of families maybe there after generation and generation. So let’s pray for the soldiers and wish for the peace !
I really learned a lot today ! And I think that I have more knowlegeable about American history!

Ai Ruoqiao

Friday, July 24, 2009

I will miss you, Susie!

Our time in Ohio state is limited, but our memory will be continued forever, and I hope this will not be the last experience in Ohio state.
Yesterday we leave for Washington D.C, Mike, Pete, Rick, Ming, and Hans go together with us, but unfortunately, Susie stays in Columbus. What a pity! Charming lovely smile, warm friendly heart, young energetic attitude, yes, that is Susie, who is surely one of the most respected and favored teachers in our Wuhan-Ohio summer program. I cannot forget Susie’s patience of making reservations for each of us, in order to give us the chance to take our major lessons or chatting with professors in our interested fields. Even in the heavy rain weather, she brought us to the certain departments and introduced us to the professors one by one with his symbolic smile on her face always. I also cannot forget the moment she with tears down her face in the farewell party, sentimental and kindness like our grandmother, all of us will miss you!
I have heard that Susie would probably go to Wuhan next summer; it is highly possible that I would be in Wuhan at that time. If the case is true,if I can be the host to guide Susie around, it would be more than pleased.

Church trip

I apologize for not being able to post this article earlier ....I should have done this two days ago ....
We arrived in Washington D.C yesterday . It was not easy to leave Columbas . I really loved that city and the campus . One of my deepest regrets is that I didn't get a chance to take photos of all those beautiful buildings on campus . Everyday I thought we still had lots of time . However , time flies .....
I was planning to say something about the church visit a few days ago . I don't believe in religions . However , that was not the first time I entered a church . When I was in Wuhan , one day after my Toefl class,my friend and I went into a church nearby out of curiosity . Nevertheless, that was not a happy experience ...Maybe that was because the religion was not rooted in China . It lacked the cultural atmosphere , or whatever . We ended up "ran out of the church .." . The trip to the church in the neighbourhood the other day in OSU was totally different . My first impression was " HOLY" . Anyway , it should be my first official church experience . I couldn't help being respectful . I liked it when those children sang and danced on the stage . I liked it when people stood up and sang the hymn . I liked it when after the service , people came by and said hello to us , and showed their welcomes . I liked it when I talked to some native people and asked questions about the church , they were eager to give me answers . All of these made the trip more sacred and unforgetful .
In my opinion , religion is all about faith and it is always connected to charity . In one word , something wonderful . I don't blame my church trip in China , during which I didn't feel very good . As I said , it is a matter of cultural background . I'm happy I was able to have such an experience here

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Washington shining in the dark

The trip today is just like our wonderful 14 days in Columbus. Everything is different, every minute is special and unique, we never know what will happen next, who we will meet next. We hanging around, in the days filling with amazing stuff. Like Alice in Wonderland.

We got on the bus, had nice dreams, opened our eyes, everything became different.

Though because of the lightening, we didn’t have chance to go up to the Washington Monument. I did find some scene probably hard for most of the people visiting here can’t.

As Rick told us, it is forbidden to build any architecture higher than the Washington Monument. So the skyline was really low, especially in this cloudy day, I felt orange cloud was just above my head, and lightening is beside me. Even I was grow up in coastal city and thunder lighting in summer is as usual as sunshine, I still felt afraid!! It’s so near, like I was in the sky!

Monument was partially wet by rain drops. Rain felt down from the top infiltrate in the stone, showing us another aspect, like a shining star in the dark. Feeling of respect suddenly came up to my mind.

This is our first day in Washington D.C. ^^We are happy touring, with missing other teachers: Susie,Carol,Charles...thank you for giving us such a nice stay in Columbus.

Memory forever~

How can I say goodbye to Ohio?It's hard,really……

It has been two weeks since we arrived in Ohio.We went to the zoo here,had classes here,went shopping here.We have had so much fun here...

This morning,when we have to say goodbye to this place,say goodbye to Minru Li and say goodbye to Jennifer,my feeling was hard to say.I am a girl who rarely shed tears.And this time,I didn't cry.It's not because I have no feeling,but that I want you to see my smile every day.We played,laughed and had fun here.Even if we are to leave here,our happiness must continue.

Today,on the bus to Washington,I could still remember the day we went to the zoo.I could still remember the day we went to see Ice Age 3 with Michael and Carol.I could still remember the day we went rock climbing.I could still remember we played baseball with Pete,Hans and other group members and enjoyed ourselves so much......

Although we have left Ohio and so many kind people in OSU,our memories in Ohio will last forever,never washed away by time.

Here,in Washington,and the following Philadelphia,New York,our journey will carry on.I really hope all of us will enjoy the rest of our trip and have a wonderful memory in the USA!

It is not the end yet

Today is the first day that we arrived in Washington DC.It took us 8 hours to get here.Last night we had a awesome and emotional farewell party,it was really hard for most of us to say goodbye to all those lovely ,wonderful people who gave us a lot of help during our staying in OSU.Because of them,this trip to US became even more than perfect,they made us feel like home.
Yesterday the weather was horrible ,so is today,it was rainy all day long.I took this as a sign that even god doesn't want us to leave OSU.Sitting on the bus today,I didn't feel as excited as I pictured before.Part of me is missing,felt like it was left in OSU,the place that I love and will always remember.Two weeks were too short,at least to me.I'm not ready to leave yet.
Even though we only had a short visit to DC,it is a unique and morden city,but i still love Columbus more,it always gave me a peaceful feeling.I sincerely hope that one day I can manage to come back again and hear Mike sing his song again(By the way,Mike ,you rock~!Big fan of your music).Until then the end of this trip is not a farewell for me yet.It is more like a biginning.

***Until we meet again***

As I write this, you are all on the bus on your way to Washington DC and to more adventures! My husband Michael and I want to let all of you know what a joy it was to share time, although it was just a little, with you while you were here at OSU. To feel your enthusiasm, witness your eagerness to participate, and to talk to you and read your reflections about life in America in the blog have been a real privilege. I know we didn't get to talk to all of you, but we wish all of you well and know for certain that your futures will be bright. Hopefully our paths will cross again.

When my group of American teachers left Wuhan after teaching the summer of 2007, we sang (or let me say, we tried, as I didn't know the Chinese), "ming yue ji shi you..." (I don't even know the title, but these were the first words of the song and I believe it was about no matter where we are in the world, we can look up in the sky and share the same moon.... !) And I'd like to add, the same stars...and each one of you is one of those intensely brilliant Stars. ********************************************

Peace and Love,
Carol and Michael

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Since I was a child, sports filled my life. Maybe not specific kinds of sports, but just to run and jump with my other friends in the yard. I used to like playing games outside my home and just act like a boy until I went to high school. Because of the stress of study ,I had less time to do sports.
I was really excited when I heart that The Ohio University had a huge gymnasium with a large swimming pool in it. Even though I was not very good at swimming ,I still felt curious about it. So I went to swim on Tuesday afternoon with my friends. It was really amazing! I had never seen such a beautiful swimming pool before .It was not only had completed equipment but also clean and tidy. We enjoyed ourselves until dinner time. That was really an unforgettable experience for me .
Baseball was the “National Pastime” of the United States much like ping pong is the national game of China . Playing baseball or watching baseball games were excellent way to teach citizens about the values of American culture. Peter led us to play baseball on the oval three times. I began to understand why American people were so interested in this game. Baseball needed hard work, persistence, individual, teamwork, patience, and the most important was that everyone in this game had an equal chance. I never played baseball before but now I began to love it. The rule of this game was easy to understand but if you wanted to be a nice player, you should be skillful. In order to let us know more about the United State’s culture, we got a chance to watch a real baseball game at yesterday night. I felt lucky and enjoyable especially when I got the cheap and delicious hot dog. I was sure that we would play baseball together again after we went back to China.
Beside the gymnasium , there were some tennis courts where I played tennis with my friends last night. I have seen the cartoon “Tennis Prince ” before but I nearly know little about tennis. I played this just for fun .I’d like to say sorry to Eddy and Brilliant because they had to pick up the balls which I beat far way from our court. Maybe I made them feel tired and had less time to enjoy themselves. But I really felt wonderful not only because I had a strong interest in tennis but also because we could play together and talk about our lives together.
I did love sports. Since I entered the college, I spent too much time on my computer and television. In future, I’d like to devote much time into sports. Maybe the most important reason was that doing sports could keep fit and keep weight.


a few days ago we had a visit to the museum of black people liberity.i learnt a lot about the struggle of black people in America.Ohio was a state of freedom.lots of black people ran to Ohio from other south states.and many people in Ohio helped the black escape to Canada so that they may achieve freedom.some of them died from the fights against the owner of slaves in the southern part of these people are memorised by both black people and white people today.recently i've made a friend who is a black people.he is a kind and funny guy.i do not think there is anything to stop me getting along with him and we enjoy talking,eating and playing with each in Amerecan black people have got freedom and respect.more and more white people start to accept the totally different color of skin yet there are a small group of people do not like black people.maybe there is something else seperating them away.but i believe one day all human beings will be wise enough to accept other different peoples so that we can be a huge sweet family in the earth called humans.

Rock and Roll Lunch &Farewell Party

Yesterday we went to Mike’s house to have special lunch-----Rock and Roll lunch. It’s a fresh experience for me because of the performance of a band at home. As for me, I’ve been to a few concerts before, however, it was my first time to see the live band. Actually, I enjoyed this kind of life which was full of passion. Americans are willing to enjoy their life. Although in this clam and peaceful village, we also can participate in the Rock and Roll performance which is played by people around us. On the other hand, Pete told us he and some other friends helped Mike to make shelves, designed the structure of the house and built the small garden, which were all depend on their own mind instead of hiring the professional workers. Contrary on Americans, Chinese may prefer to stay in a platform and earn the money for supporting their children’s education, which may easily ignore the quality of life.

Today, in the evening, we went to have our farewell party. It is the last day for us to stay here. The life during these two weeks must bring me a fantastic memory in my life. All the American people, including teachers, students, and officers here are nice and patient. They are glad to listen to us and try to speak clearly to make themselves understood easily. So, I’ve learned a lot from them and enjoyed the life here very much. Fortunately, Mike, Pete, Hans and some other teachers may go with us tomorrow. However, we must say goodbye to susy and carol who are always getting along with us these day. Surely, I will keep in touch with them by email and hope to see them again if it is possible

difficult to say goodbye

It is really difficult for me to say goodbye. I love buckeye life here, love the friendly and skillful teachers here, love many things. Time flies, 14 days seem not a long period of time. It only lets me fall in love with this magic land, however it ends so quickly and makes me say goodbye so abruptly.
There is an old Chinese saying: there doesn't exist a banquet without ending. Yep, this is true. But even we leave, we are once here and we have much unforgettable experience in mind which is the most important part of this programm here. I totally agree what Mr Li said in the farewell party. East and West meet together and what we did promote the relationship and friendship between China and US, between Ohio and Hubei, between OSU and WHU. What we did means sth magnificient.
At last, I want to appritiate all the teachers and staff involved in this programm. Without your effort, we could not have such a successful programm. Thank you, Mike, Pete, Rick, Hans, Suzzi, Carol, Ms Fang, Ms Chen, Ms Zhang.......

Endless voyage----BEN

Every time when to come an end, everyone say in their heart"Do something, do something to stop it, to make it here, to stop the time", but thanks to the time, we meet, we know each other, we depart, we meet again. So friend, have you ever dreamt to be with me to see me a little bit older, have you ever dreamt to visit here, O.S.U again. Well, I do!
I think without depart we don't even value the times together, we'll not even love MIKE, PETE, much, can not feel the happiness we see them next summer in Wuhan again. 14days make me love a group of people, make me love an university, make me love a city, make me love a country. Before we say good-bye, we gonna to thank the chance we have to stand together in a strange country to expirience the same thing.
I'll never far away, I'll never fade and I'll never forget..


The day before yesterday we all went to watch a baseball game . Just in that afternoon I had played the baseball first time and I found it’s fascinating. So I felt excited that I could watch a real baseball game. The game was between Columbus Clippers and WB Yankees. At the beginning, the competition is fierce but I think it’s a pity that the battles of both team were out one after another .
From learning and playing baseball these days, I think that baseball game is one kind sport that not only including skills but also teamwork. It can have a capacity of all kinds of people which means that everyone can find a suitable position to his or her .
Then I have to say that team work is so vital that no one can ignore it. When the batter hit the ball, the defense should pick up the ball and throw to the base the batter is trying to reach before the batter gets here. This need the coorperation between the fielders and basemen. And as the rule, each run has four of this section, so the teamwork is significant.
Pete has discussed the difference between the national game in America and China .I think that the reason is based on the different culture ,tradition ,education as well as environment . But I really like this sport and hope that when we back home we can play it together.
The last but not the least, tonight, we attended a farewell party and we got our certificate. But I confess that I am easily to be moved to tears, especially farewell. There's no feast which could go on and on.We have to say goodbye to our teachers and they are our dear friends forever. I will keep smiling to you~


Baseball is the “National Pastime” of the United States much like ping pong is the national game of China. American people like it very much. We can learn the calues of American culture by it.
Peter is our teacher, he taught us a lot of things about it, such as it’s history, some baseball star and how to play it. We have played baseball three times with Peter and Hans. We thought they are good at it. Actually, We are wrong. Haha. But it is really very interest. I have been fascinated by it. I start to love it. I will play it when I am back to China.
Two days age, we all went to see a baseball game in a baseball field. It is too cool. I’ve never seen such a big game. To my surprise, the hot dog only charged for ten cents. Probably we bought more than one hundred hot dogs. Before we left, I bought two balls as a souvenir. It is an unforgetable memory for me.
Thank Peter. I love baseball.


i think i love America.i love her easy life.i love her friendly people.
before i came here,i just thought America was a very rich and modenised country.actually i was curious about that why America could be the super country in the world.i was a little bit feeling disliking America.i thought she was just a young country and was just lucky to make a big money from war 1 and war 2.
but now i change my idea after these days of the Wuhan to Ohio Summer Program.good time often flies away fast!this is my best travel i've ever had,i believe.not only can i have a lot of relax and fun here,but also i've learnt much about American culture and English. i concluded the American culture into one word,that is big.when i first came here to the dining hall for supper,i was surprised about the big food.after a few days i found that hamburgers bigger,sandwiches bigger,drink cups bigger,coats bigger,shoes bigger,cars bigger,houses bigger,doors bigger,restrooms bigger and everything is bigger than China except the land is less big than China.and i also found American people generous.
i think i will be studying in USA one day.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The secend visit in math tower

By Brilliant

Today (July 21st) morning, we three mathematics students have a precious chance to audit a real abstract algebra class for graduate students in the OSU. It is also the secend time I've been in math tower. The professor who teaches this course is a Chinese from Taiwan. And we also find many graduate students from China mainland too. Because of the professor's incredible fast talking and our unfamiliarity with some math professional terms, we can't catch him well. But we can guess some of what he said by the knowledge we've already learned. There is only about 15 students in this class (including us). And the atmosphere in this class is very good. We actually can't tell who is the teacher and who is students only relying on the way they discuss with each other. Besides the class we had on this morning, we also briefly visited the whole building of math tower. The facilities and the study atmosphere here impress me a lot. And I would really appreciate it if I have a studying and working environment like this. There is also a new discovery about the math tower during the visiting this time. The shapes of the floor tiles on each floor are different. And all the shapes of the tiles do have some relations with Geometry. At last, I want to thank Susie and all the other teachers who guide us in the building. we've gain a lot from this wonderful visit

Life of Art

We have poems, rock n' roll picnic, and now blogging here. I just feel that how far distance we are the art always be a language to link us in the world.
Take the songs of rock n' roll party for example, actually I don't catch the words in the songs, but the feeling of happiness, anger, pity or sadness I could tell from the melody.
And I really into Frost's poem, because I had expiriece the same feeling Frost felt, even without a horse, not in the same woods, but I can really feel a cold dark night to going around instead of stay for a rest. So I think an American far away from home, sees the bright moonlight flow down the window will also have the feeling Li Bai had, even he's dead for a thousand year.
I think an artist is a guide let us to see what he saw, hear what he heard, feel what he felt, no matter he is singing a song, writing a novel, taking a photo, or giving a speech. So, to face an art, you need wise enough to catch the feeling of artist, even from a word, a line, a piece of color.
So listen to Mike's songs I felt something inside him, but I don't what....

American food

"You are what you eat." Nutrition experts often use this saying to promote better eating habits. What we put in our mouths does become a part of us. But we can look at this statement another way. What we eat reflects who we are--as people and as a culture.So, I think if we want to understand American culture, we ought to find out about its food. Learning about American food we ate during these days can give us a real taste of American culture.
What is "American food"? Before I went to America, to me,American food means hamburgers, hot dogs, fried chicken and pizza. If you have a "sweet tooth," you might even think of apple pie or chocolate chip cookies. It's true that Americans do eat those things. But now I know those are not the only kind of vittles we can find in America.
During these days , we ate different kinds of food. Such as Germany food, Chinese food,Mexican food and typically American food, of course. I find that the typically American food is not only “junk food”, like potato chips, candy bars and soft drinks , there is also some natural food which is good for our health, such as salad and black coffee and so on.
It seems that American food is mixed by the food from many different countries in the world. I think the reason is that America is a land of immigrants. When people move to America, they bring their cooking styles with them. That's why we can find almost every kind of ethnic food in America.

depart and the splendid new day

Today is the last second day in Ohio state, we have the opportunities to have a close contact with the professors in our major, Thanks very much to Susie, we really appreciate your patient help, and you are too busy in guiding to the different department, even left your handbag, I wish you have already find it afterwards. Due to Mike’s preparations, we have the chance to enjoy the American’s rock and roll lunch at Mike’s house. I like the Stucco Jones band although I did not listen to the rock music very much. I appreciate decoration in Mike’s house, especially the free-style and cozy bedroom. I love the food teachers prepare for us, it is delicious. We have the lessons concerning about poetry and cooperate with the American undergraduate students to accomplish a poem with the topic of hope.
It is the human nature that everyone likes to express the sentimental mood when it is time for leaving. Actually, we have only one day left in OSU, the big, modern, appealing university which surely all the members of our group enjoy in. The friendly teachers, the modernized facilities, the huge campus, all the things we will treasure forever. I do not want to write something sad, as far as I’m concerned, farewell does not mean apart, otherwise, it represents the splendid new day.
That’s all of the essay, I wish the above words will not be nonsense.

American standard life

Rock 'n' roll lunch is really a new concept to me. So I, with great desire, expected this lunch held in Mike's house. Stucco Jones gave us a series of beautiful rock music while I think that Mike gave us a greater surprise and gave us a new image that is a professional musian besides a language professor. I enjoyed this unforgettable noon, an American standard life, sitting on the second floor of a seperate house and enjoying friendly sunlight, eating hotdogs with mustard jam, listening to rock music, that's quite new experience to me that I have never had in China. I just felt time passed so fast today.
Many Americans like to do exercise in gym while tonight maybe it was my last time to swim and play basketball in RPAC during this trip. Therefore I couldn't waste any moment in this modern gym. I appreciate the clean pools, the free lockers and the wooden basketball courts. Everything here seems designed right for people and so convenient.
American standard life, awesome!

Keep rocking!!!!!!!~

During high school,since I faced a lot of pressure,I began to be into rock music,and Linkin Park was my favourite band.When I sing or listen to rock music,I feel that I'm getting relieved and powerful,and all the other things faded away.
Today we went to rock&roll lunch and had a great experience.I just loved MIKE's energetic voice,although he didn't have much physical exppression,but I could felt his ensusiasm.The drummer was also an awesome guy,he was skilled and behaved quite relaxed.Actually this was the first time I saw a rock band play in live,I was impressed by the feeling of my heart beating with the rhythem.This is a fantastic feeling.
In China,rock music is growing slowly and is facing a lot of troubles,underground rock bands always turn out to fail because of short of money,and when they become successful in commecial,they lost the original feelings,they are not rock any more!Also,Chinese people are taught to adore the Party,Chairman Mao and Max when they are young,we do not have much liberty in expressing our true thoughts and knowing what we want to know.So we do not have the suitable soil for rock music to grow.
On the other hand, many Chinese people like to call themselves punk.But what is punk?I think punk is actually dead after The Sex Pistols.It grew in America and is doomed to die there.Maybe Chinese people can not own true rock music.
However,I still love rock ~~ haha

How Time Flies!

O-H-I-O!(photoed by Eddy Xu)
How Time Flies!To think that in just a few days we'll be leaving, I'm feeling down.Ohio is a wonderland never-to-forget after these amazing days, I always imagine that we just stay in Ohio to attend school.
I love Morrison Tower, it makes me feel like part of the OSU, then I can go to have meals at Kennedy Commons, which now I make part of my life and have got used to. I love the Oval, where we played the baseball games. I never thought that I could get into one sport before. Without a doubt, the Orton Hall is memorable to me, it is a fantastic place with a library and museum. We admired the wall of the hall with different rocks representsing the layer of earth and were shocked by the giant sloth with large claws. After these several days, we have been already familiar with the OSU campus and put ourselves in it.
Now we must leave the OSU, somewhat lost at heart, some not sheds. So as my mum conforted me, the best way to be part of OSU is to doing my utmost to be outstanding so that I can successfully apply to the university!

P.S. The chickenlegs in the German restaurant is also unforgettable!

What a baseball night!

In many parts of the world, there are four seasons: spring, summer, fall and winter. In America, there are only three: football, basketball and baseball. In every season, Americans have a ball. If you want to know what season it is, just look at what people are playing. Someone told me these several days ago. Fortunately, I felt American people’s passion for baseball yesterday evening.
In the Huntington Park, the palyers on the baseball field, audiences, mascots , hot dogs and all the things in the stadium made me so exciting!
Pete said the baseball game is an excellent way to teach citizens about the values of American culture,like hard work, persistence, individuality , teamwork and patience.It is also a good chioce to relax yourself or kill time with your friends. I find that if you want to promote or preserve relationship between you and your famliy members or friends, bring them to watch a baseball game!Yesterday I saw the audiences around me almost came with his(her) family, friends or lover.They talked, cheered for the team they supported, enjoyed delicious hot dogs together!It seems that the joy from spending leisue time with family members or friends is more important than the result of the game.
Baseball game is an easy game, all the things you should do when play it are hitting, running,catching and throwing. Baseball game is a difficult game, the player should try his(her) best score runs.Baseball is also a soft and polite game, you need to run under control.
Perhaps “baseball seasons” would change world weather patterns one day.

The different sports culture between China and the U.S.A

Yesterday I went to the baseball game. It was the the first time that I saw the real baseball game. Many years ago, I just can saw the baseball game on tv. So i am so excited to see the baseball game.

In the court, there were a lot of people that i had never seen since i came to o.s.u. i could not believe that american people loved sports so much even if they did not want to watch the game, they could talk to their friends. It is the American sports culture.Also audiences are all exciting when the home team get a point.The important thing is that the hotdogs is so cheap and it is a part of the culture, too

However, it is totally different in china.In china,most of us like stay at home and watch tv or watch the game online. It is a pity we lose the opportunity to talk to friends which is funny.Becides,the atmosphere in the game is as bad as it can be.It is so boring.So i think it is the part of reasons that we do not go to watch the sports game outside.

By the way, i find i have to leave the o.s.u the day after tomorrow.i feel so sad. the time is flying and i do not want to leave here. i love the campus, the weather, the teacher in here. But i have to leave.

F5,Fabulous and Forever!

The world is filled with fabulous friendships.
How do they begin?

And before we know it...a bond has formed,regardless of whether others can understand it.

Yes, fabulous friendships start up every day.

F5, Fabulous Five! Forever Five! ^_^
They both convinced that a sudden passion joined them.
Such certainty is beautiful,but uncertainty is more beautiful still.

Passion. It's a force so potent we still remember it long after it's faded away.

God made relatives, thank god we can choose our friends,our team.
I do have plenty of memorable moments as a member of F5.In fact,I think we are just like a FAMILY!Maybe that's another explanation of F5.^_^
I'll tell you some not-so-secret things of F5.
Eddy,our team leader of F5. I think he's one of the sharpest minds we've had in terms of putting things together.He thinks that I'm kidding him when I told him he was one of the most eligible bachelors in WHU.But I'm kind of serious!Perhaps that's the beginning for us to tell cold jokes to each other~~Dry jokes, which were called cold jokes in China.Ed is very good at telling dry jokes.He has a dry sense of humor.Aithough they call me Cold Joke Queen,I believe that Cold Joke King is the perfect fit for him!We're terrific partners.Being part of F5,it's my pleasure to help have a sense of humor when someone is making sense of humor~

For Wendy,laughter is a way of life.Think about the first time I met Wendy,she reminds me of perfume called Icey Cold Woman because she's white-skinned and quiet elegant and magnificent!Wendy sounds just like windy,breezy valley,what a beautiful picture!You know what,if I were the director of movie 007,I'll probably choose her to be the Bond's Girl~No wonder that Wendy's is so popular in Ohio.=)
Maybe people probably won't describe Jacob as funny,but I will.As far as I know,the funniest things are typically those that reveal a truth.Jacob always set out to express an opinion in a way that reveals the embarrassments and absurdities of a particular point of the process,humor comes out!Besides funny,handsome is another adj I pick to describe him.That's the secret I'll never tell to his face~haha~

It's not just about hahaha,F5 couldn't function so well without humor.It involves a lot of things.I love being able to share things with friends that have similar passions and interests.To define friend,there's a saying:A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words.Maybe that's the reason why Sherry and I get along well~Sherry is such a lovely girl and the name Sherry is really suitable for her.We are surprised to realize that we have much in common.Examples are too numerous to list.We are both huge fans of Leung Jasmine.We love talk about Gossip Girl.We both have been to Europe.We both enjoy Japanese comics a lot.We even find out that we have the same T-shirt and dress!Fate brings us together,right?
Being part of F5,I admit that it's a huge bonus in my experiences in OSU.Thank you!
Deep in my heart I just know,
Right from the start we will grow,
Look where we are,we are in OSU!
We've come so far and there's still a long long way to go!
All of my heart, I will care.
I'll play my part, I will share.
Together we'll stand,hand in hand,
We will get there!

The trip is to keep moving forward,we are gonna heading for Washington DC.
After all,saesons change,so do cities.People come into your life and people go.But it's comforting to know that FRIENDS are always in your heart! If you're very lucky,take photos with them!^_^
Then,now and forever.

It is amazing!!!

Today's Rock&Roll lunch shocked me a lot.Besides the delicious food made by teachers,the wonderful music also impressed me a lot.I seldom listened to the rock and roll music before.It is a little noisy for me but I admit that rock&roll music is full of power and energy and it is a good way to express our feeling.Mike shocked me too.I love his country music and folk songs.It is more attracted to me and I could not help swinging my body with the rhythm.It is so cool!

In the afternoon we went to Mike's campus and had an English course.In the class,we were asked to make a poem about hope with our American partner.My partner is a dentist student at the same age as me.We are both not good at writing poems since science students may be a little weak in the literal stuff.Finally,we worked it out through our hard-thinking and the help with Internet.(*^__^*)
I had a nice talking with my partner ,who is very warm-hearted.She told me a lot about the campus life in America.I hope we can keep in touch with each other.

Take me to the ball game again~!

Yesterday I went to a baseball game. Peter told us before that baseball is a nation game, but not until yesterday had I realized how crowded it would be to watch a real baseball game. I have never seen such a great amount of people when I stay in Ohio these days. It reminds me of the crowded street in China. Friends gathered together to watch a baseball game and talk to each other as a way of relax. Lovers have a hug or kiss when their team gets a score. People started to laugh and yell whenever they want, ate Cracker Jack, ice-cream or hotdogs and sang songs together. It makes a lot of fun. Through the real game I understand that baseball relieved the stress of daily life of the American and do helps them a lot to spend a good time with their friends or their favorite team.

I have to say that baseball is not as intense as football or basketball, but I still have a lot of fun when I watched it. I understood more about the rules of a baseball play. It is such a pleasure to watch a real baseball game before we leave Columbus. I bet next time when I see a baseball game on the TV, I may explain the rules to someone with me, and happy to see them all like the game so as I did.

Don't wanna say goodbye

When I checked our schedule just now, I saw the phrase farewell party, and I suddenly realized that we're going to leave OSU the day after tomorrow. I always think farewell is a sad word, and this time is not an exception.
Thinking back on those days we just arrived, I was completely uncomfortable with the weather and food here. I missed the melting temperature in Wuhan, though I never admitted that when I was actually there. And I would lose all my apetite when I see there was cheese on almost all the food.
Now, I'm kind of accustomed to the coolness here, and even find that cheese can be delicious at times. And going back to Morrison Tower really feels like going home everyday. However, it's time to go when I'm totally used to the life here. If only I could stay in OSU all the time.
But we have other wonderful places to visit, and finally one day, we have to go home. Yet, the Morrison Tower, the Oval, High Street, North commons and Kennedy Commons and so on, I will definitely keep them in mind forever.

Music and Poems

We had a rock and roll lunch at Mike’s house today. It was an amazing experience. I like rock and roll a lot, Stucco Jones was forceful and invigorating, inciting everybody there. They gave us their album for free after their performance, so that we could enjoy their music hereafter. I am delighted to see that people who loves playing and create music in the U.S could have the opportunity to perform and release an album much easier than those in China rather than keep their talent in a napkin. Furthermore, Mike is an excellent singer. Our attention has been enthralled to his music! We also savored the delicious food made by Hans’ Mum and our teachers; we really liked the “Mapo Tofu”. So this lunch was memorable for us.
The class in Mike’s campus in the afternoon was about poems. It’s my first hear of American poems using words that rhyme. I much admired the poem “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening” wrote by Robert Frost, I was impressed by its excellent structure. I also knew for the first time that the first sentence of Li Bai’s “A Tranquil Night” describes the state of the poet lying in bed rather than the moon light shining over the bed. The class made us come to understand the poetry and culture of America, which is helpful.

A rich day

We went to German Village yesterday morning.It was a lovely and bright day for going for an outside activity.After Rick's introduction of the park and its background,we went for a German Village Architectural Scavenger Hunt,an activity I am greatly fond of.Because I think it is full of mystery and challenge.I gained the knowledge and fun at the same time.The house in German Village is distinctive in many aspects.It has snow birds on the roof to slow the speed of snow to slide down and chimney pot to improve the speed of the smoke to come out of the house.How brilliant the ancestors are to design the useful tools.There are also carriage stone and hitching pole ,which are also creative.Though it is kind of shinning ,we all tried our best to look for the target.It is not very difficult to find those and we enjoyed ourselves in finding and taking pictures.But it is a little pity that we missed the snow birds.I think they are naughtyrbirds. Luckily I find the hitching pole,which is horse-like pillar between the pen near the street.It is said that it is not easy to find that so we are lucky!(*^__^*)

Then we had a delicious German lunch and we almost ate up all the food.PS:I love the deserts very much.

Though we are all tired when came back ,we became excited after being told we would watch the live baseball game .Before going to the stadium,we practiced the baseball game by ourselves and Hans' team fail again. :-(

Speaking of the baseball match,there were so many audiences in the stadium so we had to wait tin a long line o buy the one dime hotdogs.People cheered when the columbus team scored several wonderful moments impressed me a lot including such as fourbatter and so on.We left before the game ended and I think there is no doubt that Columbus won.I enjoyed the atmosphere in the stadium very much——we chatted and cheered together.I hope we can have more time to enjoy it.

nice day, nice game

(Snow bird)

Everyday is a nice day. Yesterday, there was no exception. Rick gave us a lesson in the German Village in the morning. Actually it was my second time to visit Schiller Park which combines beautiful lake, plants, animals and history magically. The first time was for the Shakespeare's play.

Later, Rick assigned a task that we were seprated into 3 groups to search for the things in the German Village. Actually, Sally, Chen Zhou, Fang and me did the search together. We attended to search everything so that we alomost forgot lunch time. Sorry to be late...Nevertheless, the most exciting thing was that we are the only group who found the snow bird in the end. Here is the picture above. And there was a big size bonus in the wall of the same house.
We are lucky cause it's not easy to see the old architecture any more. Thanks for the help from an American couple and maybe a German sir who lives in the village with a cute doggy.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Another day, another surprise

Having enjoyed the day accompanied by cute animals in the Columbus Zoo, having been shocked by the history learned in the Underground Railroad Freedom Center, having seen the most beautiful landscape on the road, … , we are not willing to believe that time flies so fast.

These almost ten days Here, everyday is full of suprises, so does today.

Visiting the German Village with Rick is really a different experience, we have learnt more about American immigrant culture, and have seen the special buildings of German style. All the guys of my group, especially girls, were very excited in taking photos at that beautiful place. I also enjoyed very much the lunch that we had in the German Village.

What makes me more exciting, we also went to watch a real baseball game tonight. Though that’s not a game of major league, I have felt American’s enthusiasm on baseball. We ate dime-dog and shared our love on that wonderful game. I believe that I will continue to play baseball, which is a big surprise I’ve gotten in America, after I return to my hometown.

Now, there’s only few day left for us to stay in OSU, I hope we can have more happiness and more suprises.

Cute baby~

Take me out to the ball game

I have a wonderful night! It’s my first time to watch a baseball match and I really enjoyed it. The two baseball teams are Columbus Clippers and Scranton/wb Yankees. And Columbus Clippers played better than Scranton/wb Yankees, because before we left Columbus Clippers got 8 scores however Scranton/wb Yankees only got 1 score. It’s very different that when you watch the baseball game you don’t have to pay your attention all the time until the end of the game, you can relax and chat with friends and eat some snacks and sometimes just look at the beautiful sky (I really like Ohio’s sky---it’s pretty wonderful, it’s so clea r and give you a special feeling about nature). what’s more, watching baseball games is a part of American’s lives and is a part of their.
We ate hotdogs, ice-cream, peanuts and Cracker Jacks! (Buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jacks, I don't' care if ever get back……) And we even have our ”Hotdog Boy”---Meiqin! Wow~~ I think he maybe sent 15 hotdogs to others. Good job!

first experience of watch the english play

I am really sorry for that I should have write this essay three days ago, but unfortunately my laziness result to my being late, anyway I wish this will still make some sense.
Actually, I do not like Shakespeare, maybe this conclusion is a little bit imprudent for I even never read any books of him. But I went with Peter to see the play <>, just because I do like to do the fresh things according to my trying philosophy.
To tell the truth, it was too difficult for us to understand the play, the old English rhetoric, the fast speaking speed, the complex plot, and so forth. But thanks to Pete’s patient translations, we can catch the rough story.
Anyway, what impress me most is the public facilities in U.S.A. The Schiller Park is extremely beautiful in the German village south of Columbus where the citizens can have their leisure time. This series of the Shakespeare’s play are all for free, and may possibly be performed at every weekends in the summer. I do not want mention the high cost art performance in China, few of citizens can ever afford it. Apparently, it is really a long way for our country to develop and prosper compete with western countries.
In the end, thanks very much for Pete’s friendly inviting, I can swear it is not a polite formula.

dime for a hotdog

This afternoon, some of us followed Peter and Hans to the oval for a baseball game.It's my first tme to play baseball.
At the beginning, I hit the ball and run to the 1st base.Then I just wait for next batter to hit the ball and run to 2nd base bebore the ball reached the 1st base. If Iwere touched by the catcher who got the ball, I was out.If not, I ran to 2nd base and waited for another hit. I made a run pretty soon. When we made the offence 3 out, we swithed. This time, I became a catcher.we finished several innings then we went to a lecture.
In the evening, our teachers took us to see a baseball game. It's dime for a hotdog night.One can get two hotdogs using two quarters. There were long queues before the cash registers. Americans love the game. Then I got back to my seat and listened to Peter and Rick explaning the rules of it. Walk, strikout, touchout, error. At the break after the 7th's ining, we streched out and sang the old baseball song. The Columbus team-clipper was leading all night before we went back to Morrison Hall.The hotdogs were good,and the dipping dots of mint and chocolate flavors were quite delicious.
It was a nice day for learning American culture and the interesting game! All the things were impressive!

I love baseball,haha~

Maybe for me,today can be called Baseball Day.We played baseball in the afternoon,and later we went to watch a real baseball game which was really cool!

I have to say that it is my first time to play baseball this afternoon.It was a really exciting game and we enjoyed ourselves so much.We played it and tried our best.However,we lost the game at last.But even for us who lost it,the game was interesting and exciting.Maybe we are not familiar enough with it. And if we can play it tomorrow or the day after tomorrow,definitely we will play better.

Then,we went to a really baseball game in the Huntington Park in the evening.The game is between the Columbus Clippers and the Scranton/WB Yankees.There were about 11,000 people in the Huntington Park watching the game and it was really a cool game.We got 8 runs while the visiting team got only 1 when we left.So we were in the lead.We got very excited during the game and sang the famous song《Take me out to the ball game》.

Baseball is a really cool game and I love it!I am looking forward to playing it another day!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Life always full of interesting things

These days we visited National Underground Museum and it’s our fortune that we have the chance to pray in the church. During our visit , I found lot’s of fantastic things.
When we had a sight looking around the bridge which linked the Ohio State and the Kentucky State. I found an airplane tied a flag and on the flag we could see that ‘The money could be saving’. It’s an advertisement that made by Geico which is the fourth biggest car insurance company, I think it’s interesting and attractive ,but I have to say that the cost must be very high.
We also met a group of people who seems that they came from the early days. They think that light, drive and any kind of technology is unbelievable. They lead their original life, simple and pure. I think they are very kind that when we left, they all waved to us.
On the flight from Seoul to Chicago, I had saw a film that called Confessions of shopaholic. During these two days, we all became the shopaholic. We rushed into the shop centure and rushed out with our hands full of bags, and then rushed into another shop.
Life here became better now ,we fitted it better now.



The writer of HAMLET(Excuse me for my unknowing how to spell his name.It is really difficult for me ,I think.) lived in England in the old time.He wrote a lot of stories about life.Last night Pete took me and my several classmates to see a play written by the Englishman.For I can not spell the name of the play either,I just call it the play.To begin with,I should say thanks to Pete for his invitation.Though I could hardly understand most of what the actors were talking about,the play impressed me very much.The actors performed very good.Before seeing the play,I thought this is only popular in England.Pete told me the writer not only invented the language,but also teaches humans how to be a human.After I read the main content concluded by Pete,I believe the writer is a guidence in our life.Aiso I learned to be an honest man from the play.I think I had a very good time.This is an interesting experience to me.It really riches my life.Because of my poor English,I could only write this.But I would like to talk about something else.Sitting in front of us there was a couple with their cute dog.The dog is pretty smart.He can steal hot dog from the couple's food box.It is very funny.In US,dogs are treated very good.People love dogs like loving their children.In China,people always relates dogs to something bad which is different from America.Everything was going well except the cold weather.PS:I am very sorry about my late blog because of there being something wrong with my laptop.So I send this blog by Micheal's pc.

something about slaves

Today’ visit to National Underground Railroad Freedom Center and yesterday’s movie about slaves left deep impression on me. I almost can’t keep watching at nearly the end of the movie. The black were not considered as people actually and we can’t imagine how they lived in such a terrible environment today.

On the way to the destination that the black would be sold as slaves, hundreds of people were arranged in a cabin, they could not have enough food and drink, and they even could not have bath for over several months, which is the basic condition of life in our eyes. What’s more, because of the limited room, they threatened to be thrown into the ocean to set aside room after a while. I believe that what we’ve seen is the angle of the iceberg so that may another moment shocked me after the film of ‘nanjing nanjing’ which I saw a month ago.

I don’t know why they could do such cruel things to the black especially some of their compatriots participated in the criminal team. When facing the great profits, the belief, the heart, the truth were becoming fragile. I wonder that the origin of human beings is kind or evil. However, that some people devoted all their lives to helping slaves escape also let us see the hope. In a word, people who are living on the earth are all human beings. We belong to the same species. So peace is beyond everything and the truth will exist all the time I think.


I've never been to a church, at least steped into it, before. Today I steped into a church in the King ave. and just had a ceremony with the local people.
In my inpression, a church it a place that light penitrate the great glass wall, and people wear cloak stand around and make their pray, and I am a man never have a favor to step into a religeon place, as I seldom went to temple in my country. But today is different, I just enjoy the atomosphere and the songs there, and I think it is just a comfortable place to make you relax, rather than the horrible feeling of step into a temple in China seeing the horrible status.
Went out of the church, I noticed that a bar stand outside, on it write "PEACE" in different languages, it remind me of the lovely children in the church who perform a terrific singing and dancing, they need peace and love, SO DO WE!

About religion

By Brilliant

Today (July 19th) we have a chance to experience the whole process of a real worship in the King Avenue United Methodist Church. It's my first time to see the worship. I had heard the description of the Roman Catholic Church from a famous professor in WHU before. Although the Church we visit today is not that splendid and solemn as Catholic Churches usually do, I'm still deeply impressed and affected by the worship. Inspite that all the things the people worship there do is simplly watching, hearing, praying and singing, those behaviors are instinct with love to their all mighty god and their brothers and sisters. The atmosphere is of humanity and catholicity. It's an amasing and improving visit to the church and American's daily life. But I will not become a christan after all. Truthfullly there isn't any very common religion among Chinese people in China. We still can't say that most of us don't have religion. Many of us do have their reasons and princples. They do believe in love, destiny and justice. And those may be the princples of the changing world. That's exactly all religion matters I think. So I have my reasons, I believe in all the good that can make our world a better place, I love my families and my friends, I respect the world we live in, the environment we rely on and all the other races. And then I do have religion. And the Bright world I believe in may bless me all the way.

something to say, something to remember

To be frank with, I really dislike writing diaries, although which was the habit for me when I was a junior student. Unfortunately, as the years went by, I did not feel like writing any more, I never made up my mind to establish a blog for I did not think I have the perseverance to carry it along. Maybe it represents my grown-up or only the lack of energy. Actually, this is the first blog essay for me. I do not know whether I write this due to the homework or not, anyway, I have something to say spontaneously.
First of all, I should say thank you to all the American friends, Mike, Peter, Rick, Ming, Hans, etc. We really appreciate with your friendly atmosphere and well-designed arrangement, I hope it will be not too late to express such feelings. We have a wonderful time in OSU that everyone will treasure it forever.
Moreover, what impress me most are the appealing environment and good facilities in USA. The blue sky, the fresh air, the closeness to nature, the modernized equipment, the emphasis on sport, all of these contribute to my favorite to America. I wonder, how many years can China reach this level?
In the end, I wish everyone can enjoy the following trip, cherish this distinct opportunity to broaden our horizons and develop our interpersonal skills.

In the church

July 19th, 2009 today. We went to the King Avenue United Methodist Church. This is the second time for me to go to a church which is in a christian country. The first time I went to a church was on May 3rd, 2009, just a few days before we left for Beijing to get visa. I am not a Christian, however it' s a true that when I am in a church and listen to the prayers or the hymns, I could feel the love from the others and then think about the meaning of friendship, love and life. One can be fearless in his life but should have sth in mind and show respect to it. I think religion is a form of respect which is even beyond life, for it represents many things that can be defined as the basic of life such as love mentioned above. Therefore, in my opinion, it doesn't matter whether you are a christian or a buddhist or having no religion, one should always keep sth worth respect in mind.
I mentioned that few youth attened the service today, but the church paid much attention on the interactive with kids. While in Wuhan, though many youth attend service, from my view, most of them are not really interested in the certain religion but more like following a fashion. So, the service is wonderful. I like the atmosphere there.
In god we trust......

Confronting 100% Street basketball

These days I always played basketball with my friends at night.I was confronted with 100% pure native American street basketball.I have watched AND1 videos again and again before I went to America,but nothing could compare to watching it in person and play basketball with native American people.these have changed me some thoughts about street baketball.
I thought that players on the steet courts were quite rude and aggressive before,but whom I met were actually quite gentle and polite.No spasm words,no heated physical confrontation,we played in a harmonious way and we both respected each other.
On the other hand,I found the great gap of physical constitution between American and Chinese people.Black people can run,can jump,can make some moves that we Asians can hardly do and that is the difference.Maybe I played well In China,but here I'm nothing.That' the difference.
These are my first impressions about American Baketball.

Amazing Grace

I learned this song from my favourite cartoon, and I heard it played in the museum we visited yesterday. And after the church service we attended this morning, I found this song kept winding on my mind.
Although I'm not a Christian, I've been interested in Christianity for a long time, because I believe it makes ordinary people become sacred. And according to what I experienced today, I still hold this belief. Each part of the service, especially when the organ was played and people sang hymns together, when we said Thanks be to god or sang Alleluia, I felt that this life, this world, and of course, God, was so divine. My heart was filled with peace and joy.
It's a pity that I didn't catch all the minister said during the message part, but as far as I could understand, he sacrificed a lot, including his family and relationship, to devote himself to the Holy orders. It convinced me that there're things for everyone that worth tireless efforts and even sacrifices sometimes. For myself, it can be chosing to be a good doctor. When the minister led us pray for people suffered with HIV or cancer, I thought I could see the goal I would strive toward in the future, or maybe from now on.
Every one was very nice. They applauded and smiled at us when Mike introduced us, and some of them came to say welcome after the service. It felt like all could be accepted and respected here, men and women, old and young, rich and poor, because we're all loved by God.
No matter where I'll be and what I'll do, the amazing grace I received from God on this beautiful Sunday morning will definitely go with me.


We have been here for more than a week. We visited the zoo, museumes and some special building, ate a lot of food which come from all over the world. But I think everyone likes shopping most. Everyone is crazy about shopping.
America is the heaven of shopping. Clothes ,shoes and makeup are much cheaper than China. So we just like a wolf which comes out of bondage into freedom, running into the shop . We are hungry, we are thirsty, we are crazy.
I bought 7 clothes, 3 hats ,1 jeans and 1 bag. But I still want to buy .And my friends and family let me to buy some to send them as a gift . It seems endless. There is a problem that how I can take the things to China .
I suppose that it is a very wonderful program. I am happy and lucky that I can have this chance to join in this program. It will be an unforgettable memory in my life. Thank Wuhan University ,the Ohio State University and all the teachers.

Church and Prayer

Today we went to the King Avenue United Methodist Church.Actually ,I was very excited .Because I just saw some churches in the films and this is my first time to get into a church . The church looks like a Middle Age's castle ,very quiet and sacred. And When we came near the church ,there is a board that said "God loves you ".Inside ,the church is very grand and it's exquisite as well ,there are beautiful pictures on the wall and there are there.

At 11:00 a'clock, we started .The host gave us a warm welcome .I feel very pleased .At first ,I'm a little confused ,because I don't know what should I do ,but later ,I felt more comfortable,I tried to sing when the piano sang and I read the sentences with the host, it's very interesting and gives me a real direct touch of the prayer!I felt that I'm one of them ! After the prayer ,some people came to us and talked with us very friendly . And I have some questions ,Mike told me that the papers that the host collected are the prayer papers ,you can write some things you want to pray for .

I think this is a good experience,I will never forget this, I was just hearing of some things about the Christianity ,but until today did I see how sincere people are and how strong people believe in god, I think when people are in trouble or feel depressed ,they indeed need someone to turn to , god is forever there ,and he represents the tolerance ,the peace ,it's safe there.

I really learned a lot today.
Ai Ruoqiao

Something You Will Never Forget

Time flies.We have stayed at Ohio University for more than a week.During this time,I have seen something or heard something I have never met before.The American colledge professors ,the fast food ,the beautiful architectures,the historical meseums and so many things are all special and different from those in China .

Last week we got a chance to go to Han's home.That was really a special house which had a big beautiful garden behide it.It was my first time to enter a house which has the style of the US.We played games on the grassland and took photos everywhere.We really enjoyed ourselves in his home ,especially when we saw those delicious Chinese food.Han's mother was so tired because she had prepared those dishes for almose the whole day.We really thanked her very much for her warm welcome!We stayed at his home until very late,but in fact we didn't want to leave at all.Han's grandmother was also a kind person .We talked to her and took photos with her at last before we left their house.I would like to say that I would never forget the wonderful day.

Maybe I was a little boylish since I was a child .Shopping is not my favourite "sport".I usually went shopping on purpose but not for my interest. But I shouldn't miss the rarly opportunity to buy something which was much cheaper than those products domestic.To my surprise,other girls were so crazy that they almost turned the the shopping centre into empty rooms.It was a pity that we all felt time passed so fast and the shortage of time.So I would fight in the future days!

haha ~it's time to sleep.Good night!