Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Endless voyage----BEN

Every time when to come an end, everyone say in their heart"Do something, do something to stop it, to make it here, to stop the time", but thanks to the time, we meet, we know each other, we depart, we meet again. So friend, have you ever dreamt to be with me to see me a little bit older, have you ever dreamt to visit here, O.S.U again. Well, I do!
I think without depart we don't even value the times together, we'll not even love MIKE, PETE, much, can not feel the happiness we see them next summer in Wuhan again. 14days make me love a group of people, make me love an university, make me love a city, make me love a country. Before we say good-bye, we gonna to thank the chance we have to stand together in a strange country to expirience the same thing.
I'll never far away, I'll never fade and I'll never forget..


  1. I agree with you.I really hope that we can keep in touch with each other after we go back to Wuhan.

  2. Time and distance can't make us separate from each other,all of us will be continued to be together~