Sunday, July 19, 2009


I've never been to a church, at least steped into it, before. Today I steped into a church in the King ave. and just had a ceremony with the local people.
In my inpression, a church it a place that light penitrate the great glass wall, and people wear cloak stand around and make their pray, and I am a man never have a favor to step into a religeon place, as I seldom went to temple in my country. But today is different, I just enjoy the atomosphere and the songs there, and I think it is just a comfortable place to make you relax, rather than the horrible feeling of step into a temple in China seeing the horrible status.
Went out of the church, I noticed that a bar stand outside, on it write "PEACE" in different languages, it remind me of the lovely children in the church who perform a terrific singing and dancing, they need peace and love, SO DO WE!


  1. i agree.we need peace to be thinking about our life.we need love to feel life will be better.

  2. things that give us calm feelings and peaceful spirits are in short supply in this world, at least in my experience. so i'm glad you got just a little of that sunday and a different perspective. i think it's healthy.