Saturday, July 18, 2009

7.17:a wonderful drama night

Last night, we went to see to play which was written by Shakespeare. The Tempest tells the famous story of Prospero and his daughter Miranda. Through magic, Prospero has conjured up a storm that brings a ship full of his enemies to the island on which he and Miranda live. What follows is Shakespeare′s comic masterpiece that′s full of intrigue and romance.

To tell the truth, it was so hard for me to understand the whole play. Nevertheless, thanks to Pete's explaination wriiten on the sheet and the vivid performance, we basically understood the magic story in the end.

The most impressive thing is that it was my first time to see a play outdoor. Everyone sat on the blanket, ate the snacks and see the play with friends. It is pretty great experience in Ohio.

Although it was too cold when it went dark, Pete took care of all of us. He acted like the father who brought 7 Chinnses kids to see the play. He put the blanket on the top of us, so we could comfortably and warmly finish the play.

Thank you Pete for inviting us.


  1. u can spell the words.i should have asked u.

  2. Why don't you google it????