Thursday, July 16, 2009


15, JULY, 2009
At the end of our communication practice class that afternoon, one of our professor , Bill made a joke about our presentation that there was a quite interesting phenomenon occurred, all the girls interviewed by our boys were be defined as pretty and all the boys interviewed by our girls were be described as handsome. Everybody laughed including me yet I thought that something more meaningful could be found according to the topic.
Actually my group had asked an extra question besides our assignment paper. However we got no time to show it in the classroom. The question was “what makes a attractive Asian face?” LUKE,the nice young men we interviewed in the afternoon had a quite handsome face in our yellow people’s eyes, maybe that is the reason why we wanted to made a communication with him…Ha.
In China, many features of white people such as big eyes, gold hair and white skin can be defined as factors of attraction .For a new Asian here , the street is full of beauties and pretty guys (if only they are not over weight) . So I just wanted to know whether an American would get the similar feeling like us when they arrived in China, and which kind of Asian face got most favors. Our interviewee said it was hard to say because different people always had various taste depending on their personalities. And he think all of our three members in the group--- ZOEY, WENDY AND JOCAB(male) are quite pretty. He is really a heartwarming guy. It’s such a pity that we forgot to ask his MSN!!!
Still somewhat curious about other personal views, I conveyed the question to RICK and MIKE and both of them just gave very pawky respondences which were not better than nothing,-_-.So ,maybe the question would be reserved as a kind of mystery and keep on inspire our imaginations.
By the way, I was accosted by some street boys the day before yesterday by something like “ what’s up girl” and that really surprised me because I do think my personality can be described as interesting more than attractive ,(maybe they just had nothing else to do~) at that time I was so shocked that I pretended to be a village guy who could not understand them and then walking faster with SB's smile. See, that is the very start of my thinking about that question. And finally I decided to go to the street and accost somebody !
If I dare. Hmm...


  1. haha,what's up girl,don't worry,i believe you gonna found another guy ,and you will remember to ask about MSN