Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Carol's HOMEWORK assignment for your Fri. class about slavery, identity, and diversity

Challenging, thought provoking topics!! I am looking forward to a critical exchange of ideas when we get together at the Hale Cultural Center on Friday.

Please check out the following websites: Click on enter under the swinging lantern and enter a site in which you imagine you are a slave trying to escape. (I realize this "game" is a very reductionist approach to a very serious topic, but my hope is that it will provide some context for Friday afternoon and for your visit to the Freedom Center in Cincinnati on Sat. Click on and read: "The Underground Railroad." Just below that, click on and read: "Timeline"

Sounds like you're having a great week! See you soon :) Carol

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  1. The evening we spent with u and Michle is quite remarkable! And I want to say thank u!
    Yet I am not very clear about our assignment ,do we have to finish it before Friday ? That's a mystory...