Tuesday, July 21, 2009

It is amazing!!!

Today's Rock&Roll lunch shocked me a lot.Besides the delicious food made by teachers,the wonderful music also impressed me a lot.I seldom listened to the rock and roll music before.It is a little noisy for me but I admit that rock&roll music is full of power and energy and it is a good way to express our feeling.Mike shocked me too.I love his country music and folk songs.It is more attracted to me and I could not help swinging my body with the rhythm.It is so cool!

In the afternoon we went to Mike's campus and had an English course.In the class,we were asked to make a poem about hope with our American partner.My partner is a dentist student at the same age as me.We are both not good at writing poems since science students may be a little weak in the literal stuff.Finally,we worked it out through our hard-thinking and the help with Internet.(*^__^*)
I had a nice talking with my partner ,who is very warm-hearted.She told me a lot about the campus life in America.I hope we can keep in touch with each other.