Tuesday, July 21, 2009

F5,Fabulous and Forever!

The world is filled with fabulous friendships.
How do they begin?

And before we know it...a bond has formed,regardless of whether others can understand it.

Yes, fabulous friendships start up every day.

F5, Fabulous Five! Forever Five! ^_^
They both convinced that a sudden passion joined them.
Such certainty is beautiful,but uncertainty is more beautiful still.

Passion. It's a force so potent we still remember it long after it's faded away.

God made relatives, thank god we can choose our friends,our team.
I do have plenty of memorable moments as a member of F5.In fact,I think we are just like a FAMILY!Maybe that's another explanation of F5.^_^
I'll tell you some not-so-secret things of F5.
Eddy,our team leader of F5. I think he's one of the sharpest minds we've had in terms of putting things together.He thinks that I'm kidding him when I told him he was one of the most eligible bachelors in WHU.But I'm kind of serious!Perhaps that's the beginning for us to tell cold jokes to each other~~Dry jokes, which were called cold jokes in China.Ed is very good at telling dry jokes.He has a dry sense of humor.Aithough they call me Cold Joke Queen,I believe that Cold Joke King is the perfect fit for him!We're terrific partners.Being part of F5,it's my pleasure to help have a sense of humor when someone is making sense of humor~

For Wendy,laughter is a way of life.Think about the first time I met Wendy,she reminds me of perfume called Icey Cold Woman because she's white-skinned and quiet elegant and magnificent!Wendy sounds just like windy,breezy valley,what a beautiful picture!You know what,if I were the director of movie 007,I'll probably choose her to be the Bond's Girl~No wonder that Wendy's is so popular in Ohio.=)
Maybe people probably won't describe Jacob as funny,but I will.As far as I know,the funniest things are typically those that reveal a truth.Jacob always set out to express an opinion in a way that reveals the embarrassments and absurdities of a particular point of view...and...in the process,humor comes out!Besides funny,handsome is another adj I pick to describe him.That's the secret I'll never tell to his face~haha~

It's not just about hahaha,F5 couldn't function so well without humor.It involves a lot of things.I love being able to share things with friends that have similar passions and interests.To define friend,there's a saying:A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words.Maybe that's the reason why Sherry and I get along well~Sherry is such a lovely girl and the name Sherry is really suitable for her.We are surprised to realize that we have much in common.Examples are too numerous to list.We are both huge fans of Leung Jasmine.We love talk about Gossip Girl.We both have been to Europe.We both enjoy Japanese comics a lot.We even find out that we have the same T-shirt and dress!Fate brings us together,right?
Being part of F5,I admit that it's a huge bonus in my experiences in OSU.Thank you!
Deep in my heart I just know,
Right from the start we will grow,
Look where we are,we are in OSU!
We've come so far and there's still a long long way to go!
All of my heart, I will care.
I'll play my part, I will share.
Together we'll stand,hand in hand,
We will get there!

The trip is to keep moving forward,we are gonna heading for Washington DC.
After all,saesons change,so do cities.People come into your life and people go.But it's comforting to know that FRIENDS are always in your heart! If you're very lucky,take photos with them!^_^
Then,now and forever.


  1. What a long essay, and what a harmonious group!

  2. Yes,fate brings us together~You're the sweetest girl I've ever met, I'm sure you'll be happy in the future, and so will F5!

  3. There are always times that words are so powerless, I believe you know what do I feel and what I want to say, that's enough~hei

  4. What a great job, Leo do something!!!!!!!!!!!for group 5

  5. You used lyrics of Yanzi Sun's song (we will get there) very well~!