Saturday, July 25, 2009

A happy day in Washington D.C.-----margret

I'm sorry that my blog comes late ,I felt a litte tired these days , so I'll write this today.
Yesterday we had a busy but wonderful day in Washington D.C .We went to a lot of famous places. I 'm very excited .In the morning ,our group went to the American history museum ,I think it's pretty interesting ,especially the First Ladies Room. It shows the beautiful clothes of all the american first ladies. Some of them are very funny ,and some of them are very elegant.Some of the first ladies are very generous ,they selled their dresses to make money for the poverty.Our leader is Pete,he is very knowledgeable and he explained a lot to us ,that's great !
Another place impressed me a lot is the Vietnam War Monument . I think it’s very meaningful ,it writes all the names that sacrificed in the Vietnam war,it goes down and down until you can only see the monument , all in you eyes are the names on the wall , I felt deeply sad during the visit, many people are here searching for their family members ,and some copy the name of their relatives .The war is so cruel, no matter who wins ,a lot of people will lose their life and a lot of families will be separated.There are also some letters put there ,some are from children ,they wrote to their grandpa ,wrote to the war ,it’s heartbroken when I saw them . The war has ended for many years ,but the sorrow it left to thousands of families maybe there after generation and generation. So let’s pray for the soldiers and wish for the peace !
I really learned a lot today ! And I think that I have more knowlegeable about American history!

Ai Ruoqiao

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