Friday, July 17, 2009

rock climb

Yesterday, we went to West Campus ARC facility for rock climbing.
Rock climbing is a thrilling experiece. You need courage,energy and strong muscles to go up high.With the belt on your waist, you just put your feet and hands on the bulges.Then one of your hand reach for another bulge above and your feet rest on two. When you couldn't touch the next bulge,you just step one of your foot on a higher bulge and raise your body to touch the next point.Get your body close to the rock like a gecco.
Some of my teammates climbed to the top of level one.A few tried level six.To our surprise, Hans almost reached the top of level six,and it's the best performance of our team.Besides, Cathy was really good at this and climbed a lot.I climbed to the middle of level two then I felt weak in my arms.So I finished. It's a good experiece still.
Then we went to swim and a movie.This summer was varied and coloful and I longed for more wonderful things!

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