Thursday, July 16, 2009


Today is the 7th day i come to the o.s.u.
It is so amazing that the o.s.u is so beautiful. There are so many trees in the campus and the air is quite clean. I can see the blue sky i seldom see in wuhan.Also the dorm is so comfortable. It has the air condition, microwave oven, and refrigeratory.It is unbelievable and i can not image these can be there in chinese dorm and the bed is soft awfully.
Another things i want to say is that the RPAC is wonderful. Ican do all the sports in it espacially climbing in it.I think it is very funny and i never do these before. If you try it twice or third times you will so tired and do not want to do anything.So you should be more strong.That is the thing i want to do now.
So all i want to say is i love the campus.

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  1. Ha!beauty! I think you must enjoy your sweet honey days with your beast.