Friday, July 17, 2009

A fantastic dinner

I have been to America for several days ,maybe my article comes late .
During these days ,the most impressive thing to me is the dinner in Teacher Li 's home.The typical Chinese food and the speaking Chinese give me the feeling of home .There is a beautiful ,grand backyard .We were talking ,laughing ,playing ,eating and taking pictures there .It's wonderful !Though this is a Chinese family ,but in my opinion ,it's really a good chance to get some imformation about the American lifestyle.
I feel very grateful that night.Big Mac told us that Mrs.Li worked many hours during the daytime preparing the dinner for us .I'm very moved . Preparing for such a lot of people is really a hard job.Actually ,the food is really really diliciuos and I ate a lot.I enjoyed the food very much.
There is another thing that impressed me is that he amiable granny.She is almost 90 years old ,but she is still very health and brilliant.I 'm very glad to see her , because this reminds me of my own granny .At first ,I was afraid that we maybe too noisy ,but when I talked to her later ,she told me that she is very happy to see us .
I'm very reluctant to leave after the dinner .It's a fantastic night .I feel very very comfortable and warm .It's a beatiful memory.
Thanks for all the people preparing the big dinner for us .We really enjoyed it !Thank you !!!

(Ai ruoqiao)

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  1. You are a really tender and lovely girl.I also loved that dinner and felt grateful.