Monday, July 20, 2009

first experience of watch the english play

I am really sorry for that I should have write this essay three days ago, but unfortunately my laziness result to my being late, anyway I wish this will still make some sense.
Actually, I do not like Shakespeare, maybe this conclusion is a little bit imprudent for I even never read any books of him. But I went with Peter to see the play <>, just because I do like to do the fresh things according to my trying philosophy.
To tell the truth, it was too difficult for us to understand the play, the old English rhetoric, the fast speaking speed, the complex plot, and so forth. But thanks to Pete’s patient translations, we can catch the rough story.
Anyway, what impress me most is the public facilities in U.S.A. The Schiller Park is extremely beautiful in the German village south of Columbus where the citizens can have their leisure time. This series of the Shakespeare’s play are all for free, and may possibly be performed at every weekends in the summer. I do not want mention the high cost art performance in China, few of citizens can ever afford it. Apparently, it is really a long way for our country to develop and prosper compete with western countries.
In the end, thanks very much for Pete’s friendly inviting, I can swear it is not a polite formula.

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  1. the important thing is that you gave it a try, even if you did not understand everything. great job!