Friday, July 17, 2009

Poor Law Students!!!!

Yesterday I went to Drinko Hall to see The Law school in OSU.It was a nice building and the officer there is quite friendly.Because there are no summer courses in this school,so we didn't have classes and we were shown around to see the facilities.Then we had some conversations with the officer and I started to get to know sth. about how to apply to law school here in US.Today we had a presentation about how to get a bright future,from this class I know more.Here I summarize some disadvantages about studying law:
1,Law in US is quite different from law in China.They are actually two types of law.One is civil law system,and the other is common law.So law students are facing a big chanllenge when they want to study in US or Britain.
2,Getting funding is almost impossible for undergraduate law students applying for graduate school.I don't know why this happens but it seems common in social science field.
3,LSAT is quite a hard test!What is worse,if you don't do well in your first try and you want to take the exam again,then your two scores will be averaged.
4,If you don't want to study abroad,then you have to take the the National Judiciary Examination which is called the most difficult exam in China except the College Entrance Exam so as to be a lawyer or a judge.
5,I remember one time when I was taking a taxi,the taxi driver said that in China only two things matters :money and the social resource,and law is the last to be thought about.

.......I want to use the words that Brilliant always say: What a tragedy!!!

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  1. poorer medical students!!!!! For we have no chace at all to study or work in a foreign country except for we've got a greencard~