Friday, July 17, 2009

The nation of basketball----Ben

After supper, Mei Qin and I went to the nearest gym to play basketball. At first, we just play ourselves, and watch some American students playing in another court, the movement, the shot show the great skills that seldom seen in our university. So we just cuious about how strong they are, we just asked to join in, to us, it is a crazy action just seeing their musles.
They let us wait for a few minutes, and began a 4vs4 game. We just runing here and there, seeing the ball flying over our head, and got three points. Mei got 4 points, I got nothing but expirience and fun.
This is really a nation of basketball as the nation of baseball yesterday we learnt, not only the skills they own, but also the passion they hold


  1. i'd love to see the "funing here and there" scene, hahhah~~i think it is great to watch the American playing basketball.

  2. I want to have much muscle as they like one day!!!!!..

  3. Frankly speaking,I've already have that much muscle.