Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Since I was a child, sports filled my life. Maybe not specific kinds of sports, but just to run and jump with my other friends in the yard. I used to like playing games outside my home and just act like a boy until I went to high school. Because of the stress of study ,I had less time to do sports.
I was really excited when I heart that The Ohio University had a huge gymnasium with a large swimming pool in it. Even though I was not very good at swimming ,I still felt curious about it. So I went to swim on Tuesday afternoon with my friends. It was really amazing! I had never seen such a beautiful swimming pool before .It was not only had completed equipment but also clean and tidy. We enjoyed ourselves until dinner time. That was really an unforgettable experience for me .
Baseball was the “National Pastime” of the United States much like ping pong is the national game of China . Playing baseball or watching baseball games were excellent way to teach citizens about the values of American culture. Peter led us to play baseball on the oval three times. I began to understand why American people were so interested in this game. Baseball needed hard work, persistence, individual, teamwork, patience, and the most important was that everyone in this game had an equal chance. I never played baseball before but now I began to love it. The rule of this game was easy to understand but if you wanted to be a nice player, you should be skillful. In order to let us know more about the United State’s culture, we got a chance to watch a real baseball game at yesterday night. I felt lucky and enjoyable especially when I got the cheap and delicious hot dog. I was sure that we would play baseball together again after we went back to China.
Beside the gymnasium , there were some tennis courts where I played tennis with my friends last night. I have seen the cartoon “Tennis Prince ” before but I nearly know little about tennis. I played this just for fun .I’d like to say sorry to Eddy and Brilliant because they had to pick up the balls which I beat far way from our court. Maybe I made them feel tired and had less time to enjoy themselves. But I really felt wonderful not only because I had a strong interest in tennis but also because we could play together and talk about our lives together.
I did love sports. Since I entered the college, I spent too much time on my computer and television. In future, I’d like to devote much time into sports. Maybe the most important reason was that doing sports could keep fit and keep weight.


  1. haha~~my sports star~~~~~You did a great job~

  2. u write so long a blog that after a few sleeps i finished reading it...

  3. you have the talent to baseball~~~good!

  4. i'm so sorry~~last comment is mine ~margret~~~my french name is fiona ~~you are sports genius!!