Saturday, July 18, 2009

Conversation partner and the Chinese Flagship Program at OSU

Hi everyone,

Last Tuesday when a group of Wuhan students visited Foreign Language Publications, I introduced them to David Holzbauer 侯大卫 and Susan Costakos-Slomka 柯苏森, graduate students of the Chinese Flagship Program at OSU. Later David wrote me an email to look for a conversation partner. If you have time, please reply to his email at If your schedule is too tight next week, you are welcome to communicate with him by email or QQ in the future (you write in English and his email will be in Chinese).

The Chinese Flagship Program at OSU is a successful demo of Prof. Galal Walker's "Performed Culture" pedagogical approach. Three of his students won the first place in the Chinese Bridge Competition in China (汉语桥, 2004, 2006, and 2007). Prof. Walker 吴伟克 is Honorary Professor of Wuhan University and Advisor of our program. He is also the sole recipient of "China Language and Culture Friendship Award" in the US and all English-speaking countries, issued by Chinese Ministry of Education. He will meet you in Rm 050, Hagerty Hall at 3:00pm, next Monday.

For further information of the graduate program, please visit:

Below is a copy of Dave's message to me:

Laoshi hao,

It was nice meeting the Wuhan students. Susan told me you were involved with their program and maybe had their contract info. I didn't think of this before they left, but if any of them would like a conversation partner for the next couple weeks, I would be willing to meet with them. Since I am not taking a Chinese class this quarter, was looking for a casual conversation partner. Maybe we could do Chinese and English.

Do you have their contact info? Or could you pass my info along to them?
David Holzbauer 侯大卫 手机号码:6145466614
David Holzbauer
Graduate Research Associate
Chinese Flagship Program
The Ohio State University


  1. I already replied to that e-mail address,is that ok?

  2. Great!
    I am more than happy to help you and other students in the group find your penpals.

  3. I mailed David last night . I'm very interested in this program ~