Thursday, July 16, 2009

Education in US

Today,unfortuently i didn't get a chance to go to the rock climbing with the other people because i had a "communictaion" class which was actually a russian culture class.Even if it wasn't the course that i choose from the beginning,i still gained some experience and had some thoughts.
Sitting in the classroom in Hagerty Hall,I felt like a real OSU student.I love this feeling.At beginning of the class,the teacher introduced us to whole class,and asked our name in Chinese,lol~!I felt great~!By the way,the teacher spoke perfect russian ,which i really envy.During the whole class,all the students expressed their opinions about the story written by Checkov(Чехов) freely.There were no accurate answers to any questions,it was just like a discussion among all the students.It was nothing like the classes we had back in China.
I have to say that I appreaciated the Chance to sit in a American class to experience American education by myself.Right now,my determination of coming to US is growing stronger and stronger.I love everything here.

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