Friday, July 17, 2009

I become stronger !(Angie Wei)

It is really a challengable day for my physical strength and will power!I went hiking and then played baseball with our wonderful guys and big strikers such as Pete,Hans and Rick.
I have two firsts in one single day.First,it is my first time to go rock climbing.I think it is really a terrible time for me to climb those rocks.Because I have to hang on the rocks for having a rest several times and every second seems like an hour.Most importantly I could hardly move my arms and legs on the rocks for the reason that they all cannot help trembling all the time.Fortunately I climb to the top in the end though it is just the easiset one.I suppose I must have a strong willpower to help me stick to the top.But I do not think I can do it a second time because I am still soured from head to foot until now.
Second,it is also my first time to play the baseball.To my surprise I just fall in love with the game at the first time,I find it really brings me so much joy.I am really a novice for the baseball game.I do not know the rules how to play,the skills how to hit the ball and catch the balls.All I have to start to learn but it is not too difficult to learn through playing at the same time so now I am more familiar with the game rules.There are also many fuuny things during the game if you want to know it just go to experience.I hope there w0uld be another chance for us to kick and catch the ball again.
We have the facility here in our room and anyone want to play just contacts us at room 320.


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