Monday, July 27, 2009

It is hard to say goodbye

Time flies.Cooking out in OSU happened almost twenty days ago but feels like yesterday.Tomorrow we are going to be on a plane to China!I am sure none of us wants to go back.Althougt twenty one days are not a long time,we founded a great friendship with all the teachers who took care of us in US.The last week we spent in DC and NYC,those are amazing cities but I cannot stop thinking about Columbus and OSU.I am already start missing it!Compare to NYC and DC,Columbus is different .I felt comfortable and relaxing while I was there but in the other two cities I felt tense and pressure easily.I thougt I would love NYC more and anything cities but clearly I was wrong.I love Columbus more than any other cities,espeacially the people there.Mike,Rick,Pete,Hans,Suzie...Thank you for taking such good care of us.Because of you guys we had a wonderful trip.I love you guys sooooo much!!Mike,I will always remember your charming voice and great music.Rick,I will always remember your funny jokes.Suzie ,I can never forget your warm smile.Hans,you were a wonderful and cute friend!
It is really hard to say goodbye to all these happy experiences.I wish I have superpower that can freeze the time,then we would never need to say good bye to each other!I am reaaly looking forward to see you again next summer Mike,Pete,Rick,Hans.Once again,I love you guys and will always miss you people!

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