Sunday, July 19, 2009

Confronting 100% Street basketball

These days I always played basketball with my friends at night.I was confronted with 100% pure native American street basketball.I have watched AND1 videos again and again before I went to America,but nothing could compare to watching it in person and play basketball with native American people.these have changed me some thoughts about street baketball.
I thought that players on the steet courts were quite rude and aggressive before,but whom I met were actually quite gentle and polite.No spasm words,no heated physical confrontation,we played in a harmonious way and we both respected each other.
On the other hand,I found the great gap of physical constitution between American and Chinese people.Black people can run,can jump,can make some moves that we Asians can hardly do and that is the difference.Maybe I played well In China,but here I'm nothing.That' the difference.
These are my first impressions about American Baketball.


  1. basketball is invented by american people,so they play well in it.but we play pingpong very well.anyone has strenghs and weakness.we should recognise all of them,i think.

  2. i agree that it takes time to develop skill and so much of it is culture. we don't play pingpong much here, and thus have not a good skill at it, overall. i think the chinese can be excellent at basketball, but it will take a few more years. it's a great game so let's let everyone enjoy, right?!