Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Life of Art

We have poems, rock n' roll picnic, and now blogging here. I just feel that how far distance we are the art always be a language to link us in the world.
Take the songs of rock n' roll party for example, actually I don't catch the words in the songs, but the feeling of happiness, anger, pity or sadness I could tell from the melody.
And I really into Frost's poem, because I had expiriece the same feeling Frost felt, even without a horse, not in the same woods, but I can really feel a cold dark night to going around instead of stay for a rest. So I think an American far away from home, sees the bright moonlight flow down the window will also have the feeling Li Bai had, even he's dead for a thousand year.
I think an artist is a guide let us to see what he saw, hear what he heard, feel what he felt, no matter he is singing a song, writing a novel, taking a photo, or giving a speech. So, to face an art, you need wise enough to catch the feeling of artist, even from a word, a line, a piece of color.
So listen to Mike's songs I felt something inside him, but I don't what....


  1. you seem to write too fast..

  2. Peom is surely the world-wide art form that we will treasure forever.

  3. I like to listen to Mike sing. He is great. And I love his house very much.