Sunday, July 19, 2009

something about slaves

Today’ visit to National Underground Railroad Freedom Center and yesterday’s movie about slaves left deep impression on me. I almost can’t keep watching at nearly the end of the movie. The black were not considered as people actually and we can’t imagine how they lived in such a terrible environment today.

On the way to the destination that the black would be sold as slaves, hundreds of people were arranged in a cabin, they could not have enough food and drink, and they even could not have bath for over several months, which is the basic condition of life in our eyes. What’s more, because of the limited room, they threatened to be thrown into the ocean to set aside room after a while. I believe that what we’ve seen is the angle of the iceberg so that may another moment shocked me after the film of ‘nanjing nanjing’ which I saw a month ago.

I don’t know why they could do such cruel things to the black especially some of their compatriots participated in the criminal team. When facing the great profits, the belief, the heart, the truth were becoming fragile. I wonder that the origin of human beings is kind or evil. However, that some people devoted all their lives to helping slaves escape also let us see the hope. In a word, people who are living on the earth are all human beings. We belong to the same species. So peace is beyond everything and the truth will exist all the time I think.


  1. wars could not be killed in that time.wars can not be killed in our time.and wars will not be killed in future.all because wars r some kind way of evolution(maybe this word's spelling is wrong).in some degree,i think,human need wars to go ahead.

  2. i don't agree that we need wars or slavery. i think we kill and enslave other people because we are sometimes cowards and won't face our mistakes or compromise. if war is inevitable, then mankind will not last long. this is what i'm afraid is the truth.