Thursday, July 16, 2009

Hey everyone!
Great to see everyone writing blog posts. It's really interesting to read about how each individual person felt about the days activities and what they did. If I had more time, I would comment on everyone's posts.
One thing I wanna say though is speaking in English is a key part of this program. Mike has noticed, and I agree entirely, that when you're with me or any other students you tend to speak in Chinese. I believe that this inhibits your ability to learn spoken english and American culture.
So from now on I request that during class and preferrably outside of class as well, you speak in only English. This will be difficult and I realize many will have a hard time, but this is a trip about learning; not only having fun. Do not be shy about saying the wrong thing, the more mistakes you make, the more you learn!
So I will do my best to not speak in Chinese, and I hope you will do the same. I hope that this will enhance your experience here in the United States and also help you to learn more spoken English!


P.S. I might even have a prize for a few students who I feel have tried exceptionally hard to communicate mainly in English.


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  2. Hans, the mainly problem I faceing is that I can't get a completed sentence without write something on paper ,and that is why I don't dare to make communications with you guys and I do really feel somewhat jealous when I see somebody else whose English is not the best but still try their best to utilize all means avialable to do English least they konw how to catch chances while I can hardly control all my words !

  3. Ok,we'll pay attention to that!

  4. haha~i'll remind myself of speaking English with you~But my English is a little poor```