Thursday, July 16, 2009

Self Introduction of Tang Qian(Benjamin)

I am a boy born in a small city center China, when the autumn of my 18, I was chosen to be a student of Wuhan University, and study in the School of life science until now. In the two years in university I did learn a lot, experience a lot, and I know how to enjoy life when it seem not to be so smooth, and know what can I get form care about some people. I travel around in my college life. I have got into the deepest forest in Shennongjia, and have visited the poorest place of China in Yunan Province to see how the life there, and I have make a lot of friends from all over China, these are all my most precious gifts I get from the two years’ life in University. The following year I will study in Switzerland as an exchange student, I never afraid to face tomorrow as I always do, because I think it is bond to be better.


  1. Benjamin, I really found interest in your story of visiting the poor in Yunan province. I think this was a good experience for you, and for such a young man, you have seen many places. I think your experience s are already giving you wisdom. Thanks for posting and sharing!

  2. Benjamin, also, congratulations on your rock climbing today. You know, you have the calves of a bull, and you might be able to play football for the Buckeyes if you come here, but you have to eat more fattening American food first, okay? We like our football players HUGE, ha ha!

  3. About football, I'll tell you a secret MIKE, I also run fast in my PE class...HAHA!