Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Music and Poems

We had a rock and roll lunch at Mike’s house today. It was an amazing experience. I like rock and roll a lot, Stucco Jones was forceful and invigorating, inciting everybody there. They gave us their album for free after their performance, so that we could enjoy their music hereafter. I am delighted to see that people who loves playing and create music in the U.S could have the opportunity to perform and release an album much easier than those in China rather than keep their talent in a napkin. Furthermore, Mike is an excellent singer. Our attention has been enthralled to his music! We also savored the delicious food made by Hans’ Mum and our teachers; we really liked the “Mapo Tofu”. So this lunch was memorable for us.
The class in Mike’s campus in the afternoon was about poems. It’s my first hear of American poems using words that rhyme. I much admired the poem “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening” wrote by Robert Frost, I was impressed by its excellent structure. I also knew for the first time that the first sentence of Li Bai’s “A Tranquil Night” describes the state of the poet lying in bed rather than the moon light shining over the bed. The class made us come to understand the poetry and culture of America, which is helpful.

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  1. glad to hear you had such a nice time today, and thanks for your nice comments and kindness. glad you liked that frost poem,too, as it is very well known, even though poetry is not anymore very popular in our culture. but it's a pity that it is not popular, as poetry has so much to offer us in our lives. musical language is important!