Thursday, July 16, 2009

a day with mixture feeling

Nearly all guys have major courses this day and I have statistic class in the morning while economics in the afternoon. After having these two classes, I just feel a little disappointed mainly because the class is quite different from what I think the class in the US university should be in my mind. But, there are still some points that are worth learning by CHN universities.
The American students are not that active as we usaully think. In class, they just listened carefully to the teacher or just did something else. In the economic class, many students only come to finish the quiz given by the teacher and then left and during the class one student put his legs on the desk and I think this is really a bad behavior which cannot be accepted because it lacks the basic respect to the teacher and other students. Yeah, there is sth we should learn that all the students who attended did not sleep or chat with other ones during the class.
Maybe the classes we had today are for the whole students so they are at a low level. Therefore, the statistics class seems so easy to me and I got very tired and felt boring due to the teacher's monotone presentation. However, I persevered to the last and I felt proud of myself. The very important point we should focus on is that the professor used statistics software to help explain axims and I think it is a good method which can enhance the students' math and computer abilities at the same time while the program can give students a more direct and clear view.
The teacher in the afternoon is an Asian, perhaps a Japanese. He was not very friendly to us and at the beginning he showed a little discrimination to China and said highly of Japan which made me a bit uncomfortable. His oral english is questionable and his explaination is not very clear. However I could see that he was trying with efforts to do better and make all the students understand what he said. This spirit is very important to a man, whether he is a university professor or just a cleaner and I can find this spirit all around the US. To some extent, we Chinese usually do things to satisfy the passing line or the lowest standard but not have the will to do things best, so we need this spirit.
Classes were over at an early time so I had much freetime today. I tried rock-climbing for the first time and it is really wonderful and exciting. Then, 3 boys including me and some girls went swimming in RPAC. I am dreaming that one day WHU can also has a sports center like that, maybe there is still a long time to achieve this goal...
By the way, It was a pity that we were a little late for the baseball game in oval this evening. Look towards the next one. Good day today.

PS:By Robert, using Ben' ID, sorry for making the mistake

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