Friday, July 17, 2009

To Have Fun In Classes

I have arrived at Ohio State University for a few days and now we began to have classes everyday.To say the truth,I were not very looking forward to having classes at first because I thought I was weak in English and couldn't exactly understand what they say .But I soon found that the way English teachers teach us is very different from Chinese teachers' . In China ,we just sat in the classroom and listened to our teachers.We haven't got many opportunities to practice .In America ,teachers let us go outside the hall and practice speaking English by asking people questions.
That was really a effective way to improve my English level because I was too shy and nervous to talk to foreign residents.The first day we were sent to find four buildings in the campus and our sencond survey was asking for information from someone outside the classroom.With the help of my friendly mates ,we successfully achieved our goals and finished our tasks .My group included seven mates and they all warm-hearted and smart .I needed to be as positive as them and got help from these friends .I needed to grab chances to speak English with residents as many as possible.
From these activities ,I surprised found that America colledge students didn't know much about China .Maybe they just focued on their own country and didn't know much about other cultures ,especially developing countries .I thought it was not good for the society because the relationship between different countries became more and more closely.

In fact there were many things I want to write down .But my English level was so limited that I couldn't list all of them.It was late tonight .Good night~Everyone.

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