Thursday, July 23, 2009

Washington shining in the dark

The trip today is just like our wonderful 14 days in Columbus. Everything is different, every minute is special and unique, we never know what will happen next, who we will meet next. We hanging around, in the days filling with amazing stuff. Like Alice in Wonderland.

We got on the bus, had nice dreams, opened our eyes, everything became different.

Though because of the lightening, we didn’t have chance to go up to the Washington Monument. I did find some scene probably hard for most of the people visiting here can’t.

As Rick told us, it is forbidden to build any architecture higher than the Washington Monument. So the skyline was really low, especially in this cloudy day, I felt orange cloud was just above my head, and lightening is beside me. Even I was grow up in coastal city and thunder lighting in summer is as usual as sunshine, I still felt afraid!! It’s so near, like I was in the sky!

Monument was partially wet by rain drops. Rain felt down from the top infiltrate in the stone, showing us another aspect, like a shining star in the dark. Feeling of respect suddenly came up to my mind.

This is our first day in Washington D.C. ^^We are happy touring, with missing other teachers: Susie,Carol,Charles...thank you for giving us such a nice stay in Columbus.

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  1. the rain ruined our tour on the top of the monument.what a pity!but we still had a good feeling in Washington,right?yeah,i think so.everything is surprising to me!