Tuesday, July 21, 2009

depart and the splendid new day

Today is the last second day in Ohio state, we have the opportunities to have a close contact with the professors in our major, Thanks very much to Susie, we really appreciate your patient help, and you are too busy in guiding to the different department, even left your handbag, I wish you have already find it afterwards. Due to Mike’s preparations, we have the chance to enjoy the American’s rock and roll lunch at Mike’s house. I like the Stucco Jones band although I did not listen to the rock music very much. I appreciate decoration in Mike’s house, especially the free-style and cozy bedroom. I love the food teachers prepare for us, it is delicious. We have the lessons concerning about poetry and cooperate with the American undergraduate students to accomplish a poem with the topic of hope.
It is the human nature that everyone likes to express the sentimental mood when it is time for leaving. Actually, we have only one day left in OSU, the big, modern, appealing university which surely all the members of our group enjoy in. The friendly teachers, the modernized facilities, the huge campus, all the things we will treasure forever. I do not want to write something sad, as far as I’m concerned, farewell does not mean apart, otherwise, it represents the splendid new day.
That’s all of the essay, I wish the above words will not be nonsense.


  1. I think an expiriece is enough, we always use a whole life to forget, but a second to remember, I think I'll forget this trip for a whole life from now, but whole life to remember the people we meet, the things happened here.