Sunday, July 19, 2009

something to say, something to remember

To be frank with, I really dislike writing diaries, although which was the habit for me when I was a junior student. Unfortunately, as the years went by, I did not feel like writing any more, I never made up my mind to establish a blog for I did not think I have the perseverance to carry it along. Maybe it represents my grown-up or only the lack of energy. Actually, this is the first blog essay for me. I do not know whether I write this due to the homework or not, anyway, I have something to say spontaneously.
First of all, I should say thank you to all the American friends, Mike, Peter, Rick, Ming, Hans, etc. We really appreciate with your friendly atmosphere and well-designed arrangement, I hope it will be not too late to express such feelings. We have a wonderful time in OSU that everyone will treasure it forever.
Moreover, what impress me most are the appealing environment and good facilities in USA. The blue sky, the fresh air, the closeness to nature, the modernized equipment, the emphasis on sport, all of these contribute to my favorite to America. I wonder, how many years can China reach this level?
In the end, I wish everyone can enjoy the following trip, cherish this distinct opportunity to broaden our horizons and develop our interpersonal skills.


  1. i think our nation can catch up with america one day not far.because chinese people are too many,we just need time.

  2. thanks for your post to the blog so we can hear everyone's thoughts! i hope it does not seem like torture to write, because writing is actually a powerful tool to share our feelings and ideas, and i want it to be fun and interesting! great job!