Wednesday, July 22, 2009


The day before yesterday we all went to watch a baseball game . Just in that afternoon I had played the baseball first time and I found it’s fascinating. So I felt excited that I could watch a real baseball game. The game was between Columbus Clippers and WB Yankees. At the beginning, the competition is fierce but I think it’s a pity that the battles of both team were out one after another .
From learning and playing baseball these days, I think that baseball game is one kind sport that not only including skills but also teamwork. It can have a capacity of all kinds of people which means that everyone can find a suitable position to his or her .
Then I have to say that team work is so vital that no one can ignore it. When the batter hit the ball, the defense should pick up the ball and throw to the base the batter is trying to reach before the batter gets here. This need the coorperation between the fielders and basemen. And as the rule, each run has four of this section, so the teamwork is significant.
Pete has discussed the difference between the national game in America and China .I think that the reason is based on the different culture ,tradition ,education as well as environment . But I really like this sport and hope that when we back home we can play it together.
The last but not the least, tonight, we attended a farewell party and we got our certificate. But I confess that I am easily to be moved to tears, especially farewell. There's no feast which could go on and on.We have to say goodbye to our teachers and they are our dear friends forever. I will keep smiling to you~


  1. Two years later, I am sure we will see them again.Now,we are family members~~

  2. Yes,we will be here together~~~~~~~~^o^Best wishes to our friends,to ourselves~