Wednesday, July 22, 2009


a few days ago we had a visit to the museum of black people liberity.i learnt a lot about the struggle of black people in America.Ohio was a state of freedom.lots of black people ran to Ohio from other south states.and many people in Ohio helped the black escape to Canada so that they may achieve freedom.some of them died from the fights against the owner of slaves in the southern part of these people are memorised by both black people and white people today.recently i've made a friend who is a black people.he is a kind and funny guy.i do not think there is anything to stop me getting along with him and we enjoy talking,eating and playing with each in Amerecan black people have got freedom and respect.more and more white people start to accept the totally different color of skin yet there are a small group of people do not like black people.maybe there is something else seperating them away.but i believe one day all human beings will be wise enough to accept other different peoples so that we can be a huge sweet family in the earth called humans.

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  1. If everyone in the world can think more about others,our world will become more peaceful and beautiful~