Friday, July 24, 2009

I will miss you, Susie!

Our time in Ohio state is limited, but our memory will be continued forever, and I hope this will not be the last experience in Ohio state.
Yesterday we leave for Washington D.C, Mike, Pete, Rick, Ming, and Hans go together with us, but unfortunately, Susie stays in Columbus. What a pity! Charming lovely smile, warm friendly heart, young energetic attitude, yes, that is Susie, who is surely one of the most respected and favored teachers in our Wuhan-Ohio summer program. I cannot forget Susie’s patience of making reservations for each of us, in order to give us the chance to take our major lessons or chatting with professors in our interested fields. Even in the heavy rain weather, she brought us to the certain departments and introduced us to the professors one by one with his symbolic smile on her face always. I also cannot forget the moment she with tears down her face in the farewell party, sentimental and kindness like our grandmother, all of us will miss you!
I have heard that Susie would probably go to Wuhan next summer; it is highly possible that I would be in Wuhan at that time. If the case is true,if I can be the host to guide Susie around, it would be more than pleased.


  1. It's hard to say goodbye~~when she hugged me and whispered to me ~~~I felt very warm and felt she was like my family member~~

  2. I miss Susie's kind & beautiful smile...