Friday, July 17, 2009

Hello,everyone,always be with you~

We have been there for several days.Today I'd like to share my feeling with you~
When I looking into the sky,I fell in love with it.It's the most blue one I have ever seen.And cloudes seem really like some cotton candies.Do you agree with me?
We went to the zoo on July 12th ,we all have a great day there.There are variety kinds of animals and I have seen most of them in China.Flamingo and flying foxes attracted me.Flamingo seems funny that when it is sleeping,it bent its head and roll up one of its leg.Flying foxes are bigger than which I have ever seen.It's amazing that it can spread its wings widely open,which looks like an umbrella . It's amazing that you can meet lots of babies there .It seems like that it's not only a zoo full of anmials but also a kindergarten full of babies.
I really appreciate that teachers give us this opportunity,and all of you always take care of us considerate.And I like every one in this big group.We grow up together in this summer^o^
We love here~We love OHIO~

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