Wednesday, July 22, 2009

difficult to say goodbye

It is really difficult for me to say goodbye. I love buckeye life here, love the friendly and skillful teachers here, love many things. Time flies, 14 days seem not a long period of time. It only lets me fall in love with this magic land, however it ends so quickly and makes me say goodbye so abruptly.
There is an old Chinese saying: there doesn't exist a banquet without ending. Yep, this is true. But even we leave, we are once here and we have much unforgettable experience in mind which is the most important part of this programm here. I totally agree what Mr Li said in the farewell party. East and West meet together and what we did promote the relationship and friendship between China and US, between Ohio and Hubei, between OSU and WHU. What we did means sth magnificient.
At last, I want to appritiate all the teachers and staff involved in this programm. Without your effort, we could not have such a successful programm. Thank you, Mike, Pete, Rick, Hans, Suzzi, Carol, Ms Fang, Ms Chen, Ms Zhang.......

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