Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Baseball is the “National Pastime” of the United States much like ping pong is the national game of China. American people like it very much. We can learn the calues of American culture by it.
Peter is our teacher, he taught us a lot of things about it, such as it’s history, some baseball star and how to play it. We have played baseball three times with Peter and Hans. We thought they are good at it. Actually, We are wrong. Haha. But it is really very interest. I have been fascinated by it. I start to love it. I will play it when I am back to China.
Two days age, we all went to see a baseball game in a baseball field. It is too cool. I’ve never seen such a big game. To my surprise, the hot dog only charged for ten cents. Probably we bought more than one hundred hot dogs. Before we left, I bought two balls as a souvenir. It is an unforgetable memory for me.
Thank Peter. I love baseball.


  1. From this journey, I found baseball is really an interesting game~~