Sunday, July 19, 2009

The slavery of the U.S.A

The slaves in America are coming from the country in Africa.When I see the movie in the class,I feel so sadness.The slaves were sent to the America by ship and they did not be treated as human.They crowded in a small space and did not have enough foods to eat.So a lot of slaves in the ship were dead in the trip and were thrown to the ocean.
Therefore, the slaves who arrived to America were strong enough to work.They beated by lash all the day.When they relaxed at the spare time,they also locked by cuff and anklet. They did not have education because if they knew reading and writing,they can escape from the farm.
How ever it is unuseful to forbiden the salves learning. We can see it clearly that the slaves who do not have right in that period escape from the south to north to gain the freedom espacially go to Canad.
After the civil war, the salves gain freedom that they can learn knowledge and do other things they want.It is the actually freedom.


  1. your letters r so big that is kind of american-big-culture.i think u have kept this in your mind...

  2. michael, i think your post shows you have listened very well to our guide. nice job in listening to Pat, as she was a nice teacher for us all.