Sunday, July 19, 2009

In the church

July 19th, 2009 today. We went to the King Avenue United Methodist Church. This is the second time for me to go to a church which is in a christian country. The first time I went to a church was on May 3rd, 2009, just a few days before we left for Beijing to get visa. I am not a Christian, however it' s a true that when I am in a church and listen to the prayers or the hymns, I could feel the love from the others and then think about the meaning of friendship, love and life. One can be fearless in his life but should have sth in mind and show respect to it. I think religion is a form of respect which is even beyond life, for it represents many things that can be defined as the basic of life such as love mentioned above. Therefore, in my opinion, it doesn't matter whether you are a christian or a buddhist or having no religion, one should always keep sth worth respect in mind.
I mentioned that few youth attened the service today, but the church paid much attention on the interactive with kids. While in Wuhan, though many youth attend service, from my view, most of them are not really interested in the certain religion but more like following a fashion. So, the service is wonderful. I like the atmosphere there.
In god we trust......


  1. i wanna know your name,please!

  2. i prefer singing in the church

  3. How, i am Robert.
    In this article, i just write something personally. Happy to see views from others.