Friday, July 17, 2009

Time Flies

It has been more than a week that we arrived here, although I kept on writing a diary every day, some subtle details were still skipped.
We have experienced a lot of different things here. Living in a zone with longer daytime is really a complex feeling. Of course we can enjoy more sunshine but I doubt whether people living here will feel depressed when it goes into winter.
When we had some conversations with strangers for the assignment given by Susie, we all found out that Americans do not know much about China. But from the person we run into, we all read "On the Road" by Jack Kerouac and watch the Broadway, we all like Tom Hanks in the "Philadelphia". Surely we can have a nice talk about our hobbies in spite of different political standpoint.
What’s more, Hans’s family and wonderful dishes, especially the cheese cake factory, Susie’s graceful behavior and unbelievable good memory for remembering names, Mike’s forever patience and so many people and things, which will leave us a deep impression when we think back of the happy-together times.
Following I will talk about some of my feelings in the zoo, it is really late I know, sorry about that.
I went to the aquarium first, once there were many people saying that “Every aquarium is almost the same all over the world.” When I was in the HK Ocean Park, there were some words done by children which were really cute but meaningful, “Don’t eat shark fin soup, then we can still see these powerful sharks living in the magic sea in the future.” Maybe in different aquariums, we see almost the same sharks, dolphins or flounders, but the same thing we should know is that we should pay attention to some extinctive animals.
The second thing I want to point out is that I saw a slogan in the zoo that “Everything that is done in the world is done by hope” (By Martin Luther) When I talked this with Mike, he told me that Americans feel pessimistic about the future so they care themselves more than the animals. And without hope, the world will not become better.
Well, in the Asian Quest, there was a Healthy Earth General Store for rethinking, recycling, reusing and reducing. That is a kind of thoughtful.


  1. I want to be here longer haha ..

  2. actually i don't know what i should say...
    a wonderful experience that we had in the zoo.
    have a nice day,slyvia.---from Eason's song.