Wednesday, July 22, 2009


i think i love America.i love her easy life.i love her friendly people.
before i came here,i just thought America was a very rich and modenised country.actually i was curious about that why America could be the super country in the world.i was a little bit feeling disliking America.i thought she was just a young country and was just lucky to make a big money from war 1 and war 2.
but now i change my idea after these days of the Wuhan to Ohio Summer Program.good time often flies away fast!this is my best travel i've ever had,i believe.not only can i have a lot of relax and fun here,but also i've learnt much about American culture and English. i concluded the American culture into one word,that is big.when i first came here to the dining hall for supper,i was surprised about the big food.after a few days i found that hamburgers bigger,sandwiches bigger,drink cups bigger,coats bigger,shoes bigger,cars bigger,houses bigger,doors bigger,restrooms bigger and everything is bigger than China except the land is less big than China.and i also found American people generous.
i think i will be studying in USA one day.

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