Thursday, July 16, 2009

A Sleepless Night

Today, no, actually yesterday, I have enjoyed myself very much. Because of the whole day’s activities, Jacob is sunk in sleep, while I’m too excited to fall asleep. So now, with the light taken off and the light music comes from the earplug, I’d like to share my happiness with you.

Pete gave us a perfect lesson about baseball in the morning, I like the way in which he taught us. I was really moved when all of us standed up to sing the song of baseball, because at that time, everythings seemed to be quiet and beautiful. I knew nothing about the baseball before, thanks to Pete and Sally, I learned much about its rules and history in the class. In spite of being a greenhorn, I was very interested in that sport I had just known.

In the afternoon, Mike led us to experience rock-climbing, which I found a test of nerve and skill. I had accomplished the first task, but failed in the second one which is more difficult. I got my thrills from it, that’s really a wonderful experience.

Then we played baseball with Pete, Rick and Hans after supper. we run and shouted, enjoying that game very much. All of us got a deeper understanding of the game after that and fell in love with it. Just like Pete told us, I found baseball really a great game that everyone can join in it and find a suitable role to play, which I think is a reflection of American culture. In these days living in America, I find this country contains a lot kinds of cultures and I believe that everyone can find “a suitable role to play” in it.

It’s so late now, I’d like to say goodnight to you before the sun rises, heihei.

So, thank you Mike, Pete, Rick, Hans and all the guys with whom I have spent happy time in America these days, I’ll treasure this day, this july, and this summer holiday.



  2. I wonder why a passionate song sung during some sports games can make you feel quiet and beautiful......

  3. I like the way Pete teached us about baseball!