Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Difference between America and China in Education-----Caroline Wang

Today, in order to finish the assignment of the class, I asked a graduate student and a program manager in OSU. The student told me that he was not satisfied with his major in accounting so that he would plan to change it into finance, which is a common situation in America.

Also, the program management was curious about the universities in China. When she knew that changing major is such a difficult thing in our universities. She was surprised and unbelievable. In her opinion, it is every student’s rights. After participating in their professional lessons, students can find whether the major is suitable for him. Being forced to do everything may mean wasting of resources of education.

This is really the obvious difference between these two kinds of education spirit. In our mind, discipline always comes first, sometimes, it is not as easy as students here to do what we like because of the rules. Especially for education, we had better give more chance to students to decide which way they want to go in every moment. That the administration does nothing but to give students a best studying environment may help us to develop our education level virtually. We can follow their steps to improve our education in this aspect.


  1. great~!That was a really brilliant experience~!!!!

  2. Good post, Caroline! you know, sometimes in life, we just change. i thought i wanted to be a radio announcer when i was 18, and never thought I would be a teacher. later, i was a salesman, route truck driver, and warehouse manager, before returning to school to become a writer and teacher. i think it's good to keep many paths open for our best education, and never stop searching for where our talents will grow.