Sunday, July 19, 2009

Amazing Grace

I learned this song from my favourite cartoon, and I heard it played in the museum we visited yesterday. And after the church service we attended this morning, I found this song kept winding on my mind.
Although I'm not a Christian, I've been interested in Christianity for a long time, because I believe it makes ordinary people become sacred. And according to what I experienced today, I still hold this belief. Each part of the service, especially when the organ was played and people sang hymns together, when we said Thanks be to god or sang Alleluia, I felt that this life, this world, and of course, God, was so divine. My heart was filled with peace and joy.
It's a pity that I didn't catch all the minister said during the message part, but as far as I could understand, he sacrificed a lot, including his family and relationship, to devote himself to the Holy orders. It convinced me that there're things for everyone that worth tireless efforts and even sacrifices sometimes. For myself, it can be chosing to be a good doctor. When the minister led us pray for people suffered with HIV or cancer, I thought I could see the goal I would strive toward in the future, or maybe from now on.
Every one was very nice. They applauded and smiled at us when Mike introduced us, and some of them came to say welcome after the service. It felt like all could be accepted and respected here, men and women, old and young, rich and poor, because we're all loved by God.
No matter where I'll be and what I'll do, the amazing grace I received from God on this beautiful Sunday morning will definitely go with me.


  1. That's really well written, Sherry. Nice work.

  2. sherry, you will be a wonderful doctor i think, because you have such a considerate heart. great job.