Monday, July 27, 2009

The New York City

It’s hard to fall in love with a city like New York City. Standing between those tall skyscrapers covered with metal, it’s kind of nervous. People in NYC are always in a hurry. It’s really repressive when you walk along the crowded street. In Columbus, things are different. You won’t see a lot of people except for some important holidays or games. The city seems like always quiet, leisurely and carefree. The shops close earlier, people seems friendlier because when you are in trouble they will stop and try to help. New York is different, people are busy doing their own business, and sometimes can hardly notice what you are doing.
But it is also hard to hate a city like New York City. Watching a Broadway show is amazing, seeing the great night scenes is fantastic. New York is such a prosperous city that you can see almost every modern thing happen in this city. I can easily imagine the excitement when the immigrants see the Statue of Liberty. It’s a country of fairness and justice.

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  1. This is such a wonderful post. It is orderly, well organized, and beautifully expressed. Your English skills are really advanced. I'm so glad you liked NYC, but I am like you. I love to go there for the excitement and the fun, but I love coming home to Columbus where I truly belong.