Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Take me to the ball game again~!

Yesterday I went to a baseball game. Peter told us before that baseball is a nation game, but not until yesterday had I realized how crowded it would be to watch a real baseball game. I have never seen such a great amount of people when I stay in Ohio these days. It reminds me of the crowded street in China. Friends gathered together to watch a baseball game and talk to each other as a way of relax. Lovers have a hug or kiss when their team gets a score. People started to laugh and yell whenever they want, ate Cracker Jack, ice-cream or hotdogs and sang songs together. It makes a lot of fun. Through the real game I understand that baseball relieved the stress of daily life of the American and do helps them a lot to spend a good time with their friends or their favorite team.

I have to say that baseball is not as intense as football or basketball, but I still have a lot of fun when I watched it. I understood more about the rules of a baseball play. It is such a pleasure to watch a real baseball game before we leave Columbus. I bet next time when I see a baseball game on the TV, I may explain the rules to someone with me, and happy to see them all like the game so as I did.


  1. i'm so glad you enjoyed it alice! hope you can see other games and i'm so happy we could experience it together as a group.

  2. we have decided to play baseball when we are in Wuhan next semester.So you will join us right?!

  3. haha~I also think it is unforgettable!It's very special.I think we can play together after we go back to China.