Friday, July 17, 2009

About My Favourite Picture

This picture is one of my favourite pictures.There is NO.6 Team,the members are Sherry, Eddy, Jessica, Jacob and me! We are friends,and our team like a small family.Some people call us "F5",I don't like this name for it sounds a little foolish and strange, but we have not found a better name yet .
Well,the person whom I want to say someting about is our team leader is , Eddy,the boy with the white baseball cap in the picture.Eddy has a gift of humour,he can tell you a joke at anytime.Sometimes we call him "King of Leng" . "Leng"is a Chinese word means cold. We think he is the king of who can tell "cold jokes".Recently,sharing "cold jokes"with your friends is a kind of popular activities to kill time between young people in China. So, when you feel boring, go to find Eddy!


  1. Whoa! I wonder if Eddy can translate a "cold joke" into English. It is very difficult to translate humor from one culture into another, but I would like to hear a "cold" joke. Ha ha.

  2. Oh,Rick...I‘d like to tell you about the joke of a flying bird...ha