Sunday, July 19, 2009

Life always full of interesting things

These days we visited National Underground Museum and it’s our fortune that we have the chance to pray in the church. During our visit , I found lot’s of fantastic things.
When we had a sight looking around the bridge which linked the Ohio State and the Kentucky State. I found an airplane tied a flag and on the flag we could see that ‘The money could be saving’. It’s an advertisement that made by Geico which is the fourth biggest car insurance company, I think it’s interesting and attractive ,but I have to say that the cost must be very high.
We also met a group of people who seems that they came from the early days. They think that light, drive and any kind of technology is unbelievable. They lead their original life, simple and pure. I think they are very kind that when we left, they all waved to us.
On the flight from Seoul to Chicago, I had saw a film that called Confessions of shopaholic. During these two days, we all became the shopaholic. We rushed into the shop centure and rushed out with our hands full of bags, and then rushed into another shop.
Life here became better now ,we fitted it better now.


  1. i have seen that film,too.but there is something different between the hero and us.that is,we spend money from our parents while she spend money in her be careful about your money,i think.oh,excuse me,what's your chinese name?

  2. how, you make a good point! it is more easy to spend money that is not our own, so we must take care! good idea. we don't want to be crazy shopaholics, do we?!

  3. Hi,mike,I agree with you,we got our money from our parents and sometimes we may spend it without any hesitate.I think maybe when we can earn money ourselves,we can solve it better than now~