Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Life changing experience

Since the day we arrived here in OSU,it has already been 4 days and we've been done a lot of amazing things,met a lot of awesome people.For myself,I had a lot of "first time".For instance,on the cook out day,I stepped into America cinema for the first time thanks to Carol and Micheal,they were really nice to us,we had a great time that day because of them.Yesterday morning we had a small lecture about the OSU,and after it I talked with the lady who gave us the first presentation and she made me believe that anything is possible as long as I keep on trying,and this is the first time since I started to major in Russian.In the afternoon during the campus trip and the tour in that amazing sport complex,this was the best gym i've ever been.I would never forget it.
Today was the first time that i have a original American style class,we had amazing debate,after these days spended in OSU,I became more confident,and even started to think in a different way.Last but not least,dinner at Hans' house was wonderful,I chopped garlic for the very first time in my life and i think im gonna keep on doing it after i go back to China.Meeting countrymate in a forgein country is always a nice thing,today I felt like I was in China.I really appreaciated all the things that Mike,Pete,Rick,Hans.... did for us.They made our life here more enjoyable and meaningful.
I think this trip to US will be a life changing experience for me,after I go back to China,or go to Russia to teach English,I would be more mature ,active and understand what exactly i wanna do totally.This trip is the thing that i will never forget.


  1. U are one of the most bullx speakers i've ever met! I will miss u if you leave for Russia and I decide to run a tv program named "suicide by moonwalk around the united states." Then everybody can get it in YouTube .

  2. Excellent English ~ envious ~ ha ~

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  4. so you're now the most popular guy in our class,aha~
    We will miss you and your English if you go to Russia~(especially your English!)